Fake it till you make it

Do you know this idiom? Urban dictionary definition is, “to act like you are something so you can, in fact, become that thing. Faking confidence or happiness until you´ve reached or attained it; displaying what you want to be until you become it.

We live by this idiom in our professional life; at work or school. Sometimes we have no idea what to do so we just go with the flow and we fake that we posses all abilities that we need to posses. If we are patient and keen to learn, eventually we obtain these abilities, experiences and knowledge.

What about our private life? Do we fake it till we make it or we just give up? Yea, that´s right, it´s in our human nature to give up when it comes to people or relationships. We are strong enough to conquer all hurdles and beat all challenges but we are too weak to support people when they are down; too weak to forgive when they hurt us; too weak to fix relationship when it´s broken.

Why?? Why can´t we just fake it till we make it in our personal life? Why is it too hard when it comes to our feelings? It works with knowledge and abilities so why it doesn’t work with feelings?

We all admire lifetime marriages but we don´t realize how much hard work is behind it. How much love, fights, compromises and the most important lot of forgiveness. Ask your grandparents! Because when you go to celebrate their golden wedding all you see is PowerPoint presentation of their photos. You see all happy moments of their life but you don’t see struggle. You don’t see real life that brought them from one happy pic to another one. Nobody see the struggle and the pain they have been through. The pics of it are only in their memories. Only they two know how they made it this far.

The rest of us is just gazing at happy photos and being jealous. We also want something like that but we are too lazy to fight for it. We are too comfortable to make a change. We are too weak to overcome problems. We are too proud to ask for forgiveness. We are too selfish to forgive. We are too stubborn to make compromises.

When problems come, we run away instead to stick together. We freak out and we give up on us. We don’t hold on till we take another happy picture.

There will be times when we will feel less love than we felt in the beginning; when we will feel anger and maybe even hate. In these dark times we need to fake it till we make it again. We need to fake love, smile, happiness till we make it again. We can reach it again. We just need to be patient and understanding. We need to talk to each other and make it work again. We can conquer these dark times because we are winners and winners are never defeated.

If our grandparents could do it, we can do it! Definitely! 💪💪💪

Do you like my recipe for lifetime marriage? ☺️💍❤️

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