The Stoned Client part 1

As a cleaning lady I met a lot of different people. Some of them I get to know better, others I don’t know at all. Some of them are very nice to me, others bully me while I am working. Some of them just ignore me and others turn my life upside down.

It´s been two years already since I have been in the US working as a cleaning lady for a cleaning service. I have a lot of different clients; good ones, mean, kind, nasty, rich and some of them even more rich. Sometime around Halloween we got new clients. They were the richest ones. My colleague Eva worked for them until Christmas, and after New Year when she quit, I replaced her. I didn’t like that house from the very beginning. My boss was shitting her pants because of them. It was so obvious how she was brown-nosing because of their fortune. I felt sick of her. It was so embarrassing and ridiculous that she, in her late fifties, was jumping around them like their puppy waiting for a reward.🐶 She also made me to do whatever they asked. Everything had to be done perfectly there; from the bottom to the top. I had to be very careful and precise. I had to pay attention to every single detail. In addition they also had a newborn baby, and that made me even more nervous there. I was never good with children. I just hated working there.🤦‍♀️

One day Mrs. Amanda, the new client, gave me a lecture.👩‍🏫 She complained that last time when I was there I left dirty rags in the washing machine, and when she opened it three days later, it smelled so bad. I looked at her speechless. 🤦‍♀️I just thought, “What the fuck?!? Is she stupid or what? It´s a common thing that the cleaning lady after she finishes her job, turns on the washing machine with dirty rags inside and then she leaves. It´s the client´s responsibility to put them in the dryer after they are washed. I´m definitely not going to wait another 30 minutes for the washing process to be done so I could put the rags inside dryer just because the lady is not capable of doing it!”🤦‍♀️

By the way, I really didn’t understand that bullshit she just said because before she told me that she runs her washing machine every day or at least every other day. She washes her baby girl´s stuff so often and suddenly now she didn’t have a look inside the washing machine for three days?!? This is ridiculous. But I couldn’t say any of this aloud, could I?🙊 So I just listened to her speech.
“It really upset me, Barbara. I found wet rags in my washing machine and it smelled so bad that I had to wash them twice and then I had to run the washing machine once more by it self just to take out that smell. The reason I need a cleaning lady is that I want her to make my life easier and not give me more work to do, right? I consider you a good cleaning lady. You are pedantic, you see every detail and you know exactly what you are supposed to do. But the thing is that you should be more thoughtful. So please next time if you leave rags in washing machine, let me know about it.”

Mrs. Amanda spoke so fast and authoritatively that I didn’t have the courage to say anything. But I thought, “Is she serious saying that I made more work for her? How?!? It was the washing machine that washed those fucking rags twice not her hands! I´m running my ass around here to do everything perfectly and she fucks me up with this bullshit?!? Another thing, does she really think that I´m stupid? Does she think that she could trick me by giving me compliments about how a good job I´m doing there? And right after she criticized me. Does she think that she could butter me up?  I´m an educated person and I know the rule 2+1 (two positives, one negative) very well. She can´t get me with this. She thought that once she mentions my good qualities, I could better bear criticism and I will accept it. But she was mistaken. I´m not a dummy who gets manipulated by rule 2+1. I didn’t do anything wrong!”🤨😤

Of course I couldn’t say any of this so I was silent and just apologized. But inside I was burning. But what could I say? This is the hard life of a cleaning lady. You need to shut your mouth and just go with the flow.

Amanda´s husband, Dave, was another story. Huge businessman whom was better to avoid. He worked at home so I had to clean up his office first so that when he comes back from his morning workout, he could work in there. He worked until 12PM or 1PM, sometimes even less. At lunch time he got nervous and walked around house like a pissed dog. Then he went to the basement or garage and after that the whole house smelled like weed. He was getting high, and also drinking I realized a bit later. I was afraid of him. When he got high and drunk, I just got out of his way. And do you know what was the worst about it? That his wife wasn’t home at that time. She always left before lunch time and left him in charge with the baby. She certainly knew about his excesses and she still left him alone with the baby! Well, not completely alone. I was there too, but the baby wasn’t my responsibility! Wasn’t she afraid for her? Even I was afraid being with him alone! As I mentioned before, I was not good with kids, but when Mrs. Amanda left, I tried to watch the baby as best I could. From time to time I checked up on her just to make sure she was alright. Being home alone with a stoned dad you never know…🤨

One day that addicted jerk made me cry. 😓 That day I did my job as usual. At about 11am I started to clean up the kitchen. I had more work to do there because that day I was supposed to clean inside the refrigerator as well. I knew that I had to work fast because at lunch time Mr. David would want to eat something. Then he will walk from one side to another, smoke weed, drink and so on. I wanted to be done in the kitchen by then because my presence usually made him upset. He seemed to be nervous around me and it made him angry that I was dawdling there. But that day he just passed by me, told me, “have a nice day” and he left. YES!!!😁 I was glad. He left!! Air cleared! I could peacefully continue with my job. No stress. But my happiness didn’t last for long. After an hour he came back. I was still in the kitchen. I just needed 10 or 15minutes more to finish. As he opened the door and saw me there, he blew up! He started to scream at his wife, “What is she still doing here? She was supposed to be gone now! How long is she going to be here? Damn it!”

Amanda tried to calm him down. They sat down in the living room, which was right next to the kitchen, but I couldn’t hear what she told him. She was whispering. The ten minutes that I needed to finish the kitchen turned into two minutes and I literally ran out from there. I went to the basement and cried. I thought, “You fucking freak! I could understand what you said! I can speak English, you idiot! Were you asking what I was still doing there? I beg your pardon but I clean up your mess and your fucking shit, you asshole! It is YOU who needs me! YOU are not able to clean up after yourself!”😡😥😥

I had so much work to do there: I cleaned up; I washed clothes, sheets, towels; I changed the sheets; I folded the clothes and put them in the closets; I ironed the clothes, and all that work needs time! By the way I was paid up to 4pm and he expected me to get it all done by 12pm? I was doing a service for them and it even bothered him that I was doing it! I had enough! I didn’t expect any glory from them, but at least a bit of respect and decency. I decided to talk about it with my boss. I didn’t want to go there anymore!

The same day I met with my boss. I told her about everything. I told her, that I don’t feel comfortable there, because Mr. David smokes weed and drinks. I also told her that I bother him even with my presence, so that´s why I don’t want to go there anymore. Do you think that she cared? Of course she didn’t! She just told me that I am sensitive and I shouldn’t take it personally, I am supposed to do my job and not care what he does. She also told me, that she knew about those problems, that Eva had the same trouble there. I thought, “Hmm, that’s great! That´s probably why she quit.”🤔

I was stupid to expected my boss to understand. This is her business and she doesn’t care what her clients are like. All that matters is that they pay. 💵 Hah, it´s easy to say, “ignore him and do your job!” But she isn’t the one who has to be there for 8 hours with that psycho!
So because my boss didn’t understand me, I had to swallow it and do my job as I was told. Next few weeks weren’t so bad. Mr. David left me alone and didn’t have any more comments. I would say that he was avoiding me. Hah, good for me!😁

One day I finished my work there a bit earlier. I went outside the house and I was waiting for our driver to pick me up. Their 9 years old son was playing outside with a Frisbee. I saw that he needed some company and my driver was late, so I asked him if he wanted to play. He cheered up. So we started to play. Suddenly an upstairs window opened and Mr. David appeared. He was smiling. I could see he was already high and probably drunk too. Since it was Friday, he asked me if I had any plans for the evening. I said that not really. He started to dance or something, saying, “Party, party?” I didn’t react to that and kept playing with his son.  He disappeared for a second and then he came back to the window holding the baby. The window was opened and he stood very close to it. I froze. I was afraid of what was he going to do. What if the baby slipped out?! He was just standing there, holding her in his arms, and I don’t remember what exactly he was doing, whether he was dancing with her, swinging her, or if he just brought her to show her to us. I don’t know. I really didn’t notice what exactly he was doing. All I was able to think about was, “Please God, let her be okay. Please, don’t let her fall. Please, make Mr. David take her inside.”

I wanted it to end. I was so frightened. The whole situation reminded me of Michael Jackson when he did something similar. He showed his baby to the paparazzi outside the window with blanket on the baby´s face. Do you remember?

Well, I don’t know how long it was, but for me it felt like ages. My driver finally arrived and when I got into the car, I didn’t see him in the window anymore. Thank God! The baby was safe.

When I came there the next time, David´s mom was visiting. She was very tiny, modest and very kind lady. She was really very sympathetic. I didn’t understand though how such a jerk could be her son. When I was cleaning the kitchen, Mr. David was sitting with his mom in the living room. Since the kitchen and living room were right next to each other, I could hear everything they said. They were talking about his sister and how their mom was helping her. That made him upset and he told his mom, that his sister is grown woman, that she is supposed to manage her own life, that she can´t use their mom all the time and ask her for help. That she is supposed to take responsibility for her household and don’t ask mom to come help her with this and that. Then Mr. David shocked me by saying, “Look at this young woman. She is in a foreign country and do you think that she calls her mom with every single problem she has?” Ha, if I didn’t know him, that would have almost touched me. 🤨 But ok, I don’t want to by sarcastic. I was actually pleased that he used me as a good example of responsibility. But anyway, I don’t have a mom, so I wouldn’t have anybody to call if I had a problem. But I was not going to tell him that. I didn’t need his pity. 🤨🙈

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  1. This is awesome Barbara!…the flow, the humour… I’m following the story

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