Chapter 8: Surprise

The summer was over. Simon finally went back to college, and I didn’t have to stress about anymore embarrassing meetings with him. In the middle of September, I was supposed to meet Nela in New York. 🤩👭🗽 She spent the summer in Wisconsin on a student Work and Travel program. That was a good opportunity for students to go to America, earn some money and travel. I was so excited about seeing her again. I finally had an opportunity to see a very close friend of mine; somebody, who knows and understands me perfectly. I could finally talk openly with someone.

I wondered what plans Nela had for the future. After all, she arrived in America right after she finished her Master´s degree. So what next? 🤔 I was curious where she wanted to live and work. I was thinking whether she would like to go to Australia with me. My plan was to come back to Slovakia before Christmas, and right after New Year´s Eve go to Australia to finish my studies. Although Nela already finished her Master´s degree, she still might be interested in going with me for a few months. After all, she was excited about traveling and adventure like I was. 😎 It would be awesome. 😁 Just the two of us in hot Sydney. It was a wonderful image. All those plans were in my head while travelling to New York. I wanted to change her world, but I had no idea that she would eventually change mine. 😵🙈

“I can´t believe that I´m actually looking at you”, I said when Nela and I met before going to a restaurant to have lunch.
“Neither do I. I already thought that I would never see you again. It seemed like you were dead. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Skype. Nothing! It was impossible to communicate with you. I didn’t know what happened to you.”
“I know. But it was better that way. You know why I had to leave Slovakia, and I couldn’t take a risk that Andreas would find me. Fortunately, everything ended well, and he left me alone. I didn’t hear anything from him, and when I set up social media again, I texted Peter and asked him if Andreas tried to contact him somehow, and he said, “no.” But my dad told me that Andreas sent a letter to him in which he wrote, ´Your daughter is a whore and she could die wherever she is.´ That was it.”
“It´s over now. You are free and you can do whatever you want. How long do you want to stay here?”
“I´ll go back for Christmas, and then I want to go to Australia to finish my studies. Would you go with me?”
“You still have Australia in your head? I just hope you really want to go there because of school and not because of The Liar.” (see The Man Who Killed Me)
“O-M-G, Nela! I have no interest in The Liar. So what do you say? Will you go?”
“You know, probably not. I already set up a job as an au pair in England. I would like to stay there for at least a year and then move on. I hope that one year will be enough to improve my English so that I will speak like a native speaker, and then I could find a decent job and stay there permanently. You know that was my plan with Larry. Initially, we wanted to go there as an au pair couple, but after we broke up, I decided that I will stick to the plan anyway and go there by myself.”
“Why did you two break up? You were such a nice couple. You were together for so many years. I thought, you two would stay together and get married.”
“I know. Everybody thought that. I thought that too until he almost beat me.”
“What?!? Larry?!? He looks like a good guy. I never saw him being aggressive. All I know is that when he got drunk, he was more jealous than usual, but I never thought he could be aggressive.”
“Nobody thought that. When it happened, nobody believed me. Neither did he. He was so drunk that next day he didn’t remember anything.”
“What exactly happened?”
“Jealousy as usual. The worst part of it was that he didn’t have any reason. Some bitch spoke ill about me in front of him, and he bought it like a little boy. He came home fucked up and pissed off, and he made a huge scene instead of asking for an explanation. He insulted me. He said that I cheated on him. He even threatened to kill me. In that moment, he killed my love for him. In that moment, it was over for me, and I didn’t see him as Larry, my man anymore, but as Larry, a psychopath who scares me.”
“Oh my God! You can´t be serious that he behaved like that. That´s rough. But I understand you very well. I have been in the same situation before.”
“So that´s it. It´s over.”
“By the way, how was your summer? How do you like America?”
“The summer was amazing. Lot of fun, lot of new experiences, lot of alcohol and so on.”
“I´m not surprised.”
“You know what it´s like when six “East-siders” from Slovakia live under one roof. But after two weeks I had enough drinking and parties, but the guys kept going for the whole summer. They drank 3 or 4 times per week. I felt like I couldn’t stand it anymore because they behaved like assholes. I was a loser to them because I didn’t want to join them.”
“Did you get to know anybody else except them? What did you do when they drank and you didn’t want to?”
“Fortunately, once at Work and Travel program party I met a guy with whom I spent my free time.”
“Really? That’s great! Where is he from?”
“From Slovakia.”
“Funny, you came to America to date a Slovak guy? You have enough of those at home. You were supposed to enjoy yourself with some foreign guy here.”
“It wasn’t about dating. There was nothing romantic between us. We hang out as friends who had things in common. There was something that connected us.”
“Interesting, and what was that?”


I didn’t understand what Nela was talking about. But when I saw Mike walking towards us, I started to get it.💡 At first, I thought I was dreaming. It couldn’t be real. Mike? Here in America? He and Nela coincidentally met in Wisconsin. They spent time together but there was nothing going on between them, never. And now, they both met me in New York.😯🧐

Mike! My Mike! My first love. ❤️❤️❤️ The guy with whom I was in a relationship for four years. Mike, who I haven’t seen for five years, stood in front of me in a restaurant in New York. It was absolutely unbelievable.

For the few seconds while Mike walked towards us, he and I fixedly stared at each other. In those few seconds, our whole relationship reflected in my head. Back then I was happy ⬆️ but not fully satisfied ⬇️. The years after Mike also flashed in my head. But I was unhappy ⬇️and unsatisfied⬇️ . It crossed my mind that if I lowered my standards, I could be happy again. Could it be possible? Could I be with him again?

He looked good. Very good. I felt like it was love at the first sight even though, we knew each other for a long time, and even though, we already fell in love before. But this time it was different. It was new. It was a fate.

When Mike reached us, I stood up so that we could say hello properly. We hugged, and in that moment I felt home.🤗 Home was in his arms. Nothing else existed. There was only he and I. Tears fell upon my chick. Mike gently wiped them away, and gave me a kiss on my mouth. It felt so natural that it seemed not to be real. After all, we hadn’t seen each other after our break up, and it was already five years. I had no idea what he lived in those five years, but I experienced so much that I didn’t have enough courage to tell him about it. But suddenly, it was like everything disappeared, and it seemed like it never happened. It was like those five years didn’t exist. It felt like we just saw each other yesterday and continued on today. We continued our love.👫

Nela, Mike and I spent the rest of the day in Central Park. They told me about everything they did during the Summer and I listened quietly. I had no interest in talking about my Summer which was totally boring except my ridiculous affair with a nineteen year old ass.🤦‍♀️

Mike held my hand the whole time, and I felt butterflies in my stomach like a teenage girl. ☺️ I felt happy again. Nela, my best friend forever was with me, and Mike, my first and biggest love ever, was there too. I spent the whole day with them in an amazing city. What else could I wish for?☺️🙏

Nela and Mike planned to stay in New York for three more days, and then they were going to fly back to Slovakia. I told Mike that I would come home for Christmas, and then we could meet and see how it will continue between us. But he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay here with me. Actually, he wanted to stay in US not only because of me, but he wanted to earn some money, and use it to start life once he came back to Slovakia.

It was like a dream. Mike moved into my place three days later. He found a job doing construction, and we continued from where we finished. We didn’t talk about the past at all. We only looked toward the future. Everything went very naturally even though we both had changed.


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