Chapter 7, part 1: Cinderella

I had been in America for 8 months already, and my life looked like shit. 💩 I still avoided people and I haven’t seen any progress towards the future. I was thinking about what I should do next. 🤷‍♀️❓❓❓ “I don’t want to work as a cleaning lady for my entire life, right? After all, I am an educated woman!”‼️

It put me down when some clients looked down at me. They treated me like a maid. 🤨 On the other hand, I also had clients who appreciated my hard work and were very thankful. 🙏 One way or another, I could do better than that. I was still considering Australia. I told myself, “Okay, I´ll stay here for a couple more months, save some money, and then I will go to Australia to finish my studies.” That was my plan. Finally, I had one.

Besides all the mean clients, I also worked for a family I really liked. They treated me as a human being, they were always very nice to me, and they even talked to me about general stuff not just work. That was brand new for me because other clients talked to me only when they gave me orders. But this family saw me as a person and not only as a cleaning lady. They had 3 kids. The oldest son was in college, the younger one was in high school and they also had a half-year old daughter. I cleaned their house twice a week since the house was huge and the wife gave all her attention to the baby so she didn’t have time to do general household chores. They also had a parrot, a dog and two cats. So there was plenty to do.

Summer was coming and the kids arrived home from college. I wasn’t happy about it because it meant more work for me. You know, more people in the house equals more mess. 😤🤦‍♀️

At the end of May Simon, the oldest son of my favorite family, came home. I met him before when he came home for Christmas, but back then he barely said “hello” to me. Suddenly he started noticing me and talking to me. 🗣️ I didn’t know what he was up to, but I was pleased that I could finally speak with someone young. At least, I could practice my English because since I arrived in America, I spoke more Polish than English. 🤦‍♀️ Well, it´s still good to know another language. 👍

Simon just turned nineteen, and he really acted like it. 🤭 Physically he looked older but mentally he was still nineteen. I was twenty-four, but I felt older and more grown-up. It was probably because of what I have been through. Life put me through the ringer. Simon was still a kid. 👶 No problems, no responsibilities. His parents gave him everything and took care of him. Hmm, not everyone is that lucky…🤔

Suddenly, I started to look forward to work, especially for those days when I went to my favorite family´s place. My life in America was empty and sad, and Simon brought a bit joy into it. Finally, I wasn’t invisible. 👤 He saw me! 👁️ Actually, he saw Barbara, not the real me, Klara. She was still invisible, and it had to stay that way. ‼️

At work, Simon cheered me up and entertained me. Sometimes, he made me laugh even if it wasn’t intentional. 😁 Once we were talking something about snakes 🐍, and I said that I was afraid of them, but he said he was fascinated by them and that he liked snakes. I didn’t understand why. Most people fear them and he actually liked them? 🤨 I was surprised but when he told me why he actually liked them, I was even more shocked. He said that they don’t have arms. I didn’t understand at first so I asked him again.
He said, “They don’t have arms.” I felt like an idiot because I thought that I didn’t understand his English well enough.
I asked one more time, “Whaaaat?”
He came very close to me, so close that our faces almost touched, and said, “They don’t have arms.” As he stood so close, I blushed. On one hand, I felt embarrassed that I didn’t understand him the first time what he said, and on the other hand, I hadn’t felt a man so close to me for a veeeeeery long time. When I thought about what he just said, I wanted to laugh. “Snakes don’t have arms.” 😅 Of course they don’t have arms. They are snakes! 😅😅😅 That was the reason why he like them? 🤨 It´s like saying that you like Winter because it´s cold.

But an even more hilarious situation happened with a swiffer duster (it´s duster on the stick). I took the duster stick and wanted to refill it with a new duster. The stick ends with 2 hooks on which you can put a duster. While I was doing it, Simon watched me carefully. 🧐 When I finished, the duster was on the stick and I started to dust with it.
He said, “Oh, I wondered what you were going to do with it. I thought you were going to eat something. It looked like a fork.” I literally laughed out loud.😂😂😂  He innocently turned red and said, “Okay, I know what it is now. I´m not stupid.” But I couldn’t stop laughing.😂😂😂 A fork? Eating? Really? I had enough. Innocent and naive kid didn’t know anything. 😂😂😂

One day, Simon asked me, “How´s your boyfriend doing?” I was surprised because we never talked about private stuff. The kid was obviously interested in me, and I wasn’t sure how to react. After all, he was my client´s son, and having any sort of relationship with him would be absolutely inappropriate, but on the other hand, I liked him and I was single for such a long that I couldn’t think straight. But he was still only a kid. Even the way he tried to find out if I had a boyfriend was totally childish.
“I don’t have a boyfriend”, I answered. I thought,  two can play this game. 🎲 So I asked how was his girlfriend doing. He also said that he didn’t have any. I pointed to his prom picture where he was with some girl.👫

“We broke up but we stayed friends.”
“That´s great that you can still be friends. I couldn’t be friends with any of my exes.”
“Why not?”
“Because they hurt me and humiliated me.”
“Fuck them!”
“I didn’t want to say it like that but you´re right. Fuck them!”
“You are very pretty.”
“What? I´m not.” I felt embarrassed.
“Wait! You don’t know that you are pretty?”

My face turned red and I didn’t know what to say. So I just thanked him for the compliment and kept working but he followed me everywhere that day. He literally followed me like a puppy. He tried to start conversation but he wasn’t good at it. When he asked me something, it was mostly something stupid with a “yes” or “no” answer, and that didn’t lead our conversation anywhere. Simply put, he couldn’t lead conversation like a real man. He was just a kid. In that moment I remembered Andreas. He always kept my attention with interesting stories, and we could spend hours talking. But I tried to stop thinking about him right away. Even I need to admit that there were days, especially hard days at work, when I remembered Andreas in a good way. Days, when I said to myself that I had everything with him, even cleaning lady, and now, it was me who cleaned up for others. How life can change, right? 🤔

“You are doing a good job here. You move everything”, Simon said as he watched me vacuuming.
“Yes, it´s just you haven’t moved yet. You´re still here.”🤭🙈 Ooops, perhaps I shouldn’t have said that. Naively, he just stood there speechless. The cleaning lady showed him that he bothered her. That must hurt. I already had enough games so I openly asked him, “What do you want from me, Simon?”
“I want to kiss you.” He said it just like that.
“Excuse me? Why?”
“Because I like you.”
“It´s inappropriate. I´m only a cleaning lady.”
“So what?”
“I´m older than you.”
“So what?”
“I´m an immigrant.”
“So what?”
I lost all arguments but I still had one, actually the biggest one.
“What would your parents say about it?”
I could see fear in his eyes. It was obvious that he felt embarrassed thinking about his parents knowing that he kissed the cleaning lady.💋
“You won´t tell them, will you?”
“Don’t worry. I saw how scared you got thinking that they could find out.”
“You know, they would say, ´Oh God, you kissed a servant!´ You know, they said that you are the best maid they ever had, and I don’t want them to lose you because of me. I don’t want to cause them any trouble.”
I was speechless. A maid? A servant??? WTF? 😲😤 I thought, “I´m cleaning up here not serving you! That´s a difference you little spoiled kid!” I was so pissed off.😡
“I´m not interested in kissing you”, I said and kept working. He stopped following me then.

When I came home that day, I couldn’t get him out of my head. I felt flattered that a young guy from a good family liked me. I told myself, “Certainly, all he wants from me is sex. He is so young, and guys at his age fuck everything that moves. Having a cleaning lady in bed is straight from a soap opera. He even called me a servant. It was literally like soap opera, a servant with her master. But there was always a happy ending in soap operas. Love, weddings, kids, everything like it is supposed to be. Or maybe he just bet with his friends that he will fuck the cleaning lady. After all, I´m only a servant to him. He sees me as a hot cleaning lady who is probably easy to fuck. He doesn’t see me as an educated girl who wasn’t lucky enough to be born in America, who didn’t study here and didn’t have a chance to get a normal job. A girl, who escaped from her native country to find a better life but because of the political situation and “rules”, all she can do is clean up even though she could do better. She is even more intelligent than he is, who was lucky enough 🍀 to be born in America, and to a rich family so he could get a good education and then a good job, and then hire cleaning ladies from Central Europe. She speaks more languages than he does, who only speaks English, his native language. She wasn’t born to a rich family. Actually, she was born to a family where she was hated for even being born and nothing came to her for free. All she ever had, she needed to earn and worked for it. She had to be financially independent, and that forced her to do things she never dreamt about doing. She had to get over it and she kept going. “Mom give me this, dad give me that” didn’t exist in her life.

She also had to become mentally strong. Not once she did want to commit suicide, when she felt that she couldn’t take it anymore. But she is still here and she keeps going further. Yes, this is Klara. A strong woman, who went through more things than most. And then there is Simon, a 20 year-old, spoiled kid, who knows her only as Barbara, and he is so arrogant that he dares to call her a servant?!? He knows nothing! On the other hand, it could be an advantage that he knows me only as Barbara. I don’t have to be embarrassed of anything but cleaning. After all, even Cinderella 👠was a maid and look how she ended up. What if I have the same luck? 🍀 What if Simon really likes me? Is it even possible? Would his parents approve? They are always very nice to me and they like me, but do they like me enough to let their son be with me? Marry me? 💍 I don’t think so. I already felt at home in their house, and even their parrot called me by my name, but I was still only an immigrant, who cleaned their house.”

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