Not only for cheaters

Hey you! Cheaters! If there is something you need to hide, please hide it properly! ☝️Otherwise you might hurt more than one person.

I don´t want to sympathize with cheaters. I´m not one of them and I was never cheated on either but recently I experienced something that made me feel that I need to give them a lesson. My advice is; if you want to cheat, please do it the way that will not harm anyone. You probably expected me to tell you, “Stop cheating asshole!” No, I´m a realist. You know that nowadays cheating is very common thing. Hmm, perhaps it always was but we just don’t talk about it. Let´s answer this question, “Do you believe in monogamy?” Look at this trailer!

Have you seen this movie? Pretty good hah? I kinda agree with the quote, “Monogamy isn’t realistic.” Do you? I know; marriage, family, fidelity and blah, blah, blah. 🤦‍♀️ That’s all nice, beautiful, romantic and I don’t know what else. It´s kinda unreal utopia. I know, now you might say, “Hasn’t she seen the movie? The promiscuous lady fell in love, got married, had kids and changed her previous lifestyle.” True. The end of movie. But what would we see in, hmm let´s say, 10 years? The same happiness, love and fidelity? I don’t think so.😅 I believe that the main character from the movie would get bored after years of marriage and would cheat on her husband. I´m not saying she would stop loving him or that she would like to leave him but she would search for an adventure.😉

Ok, enough about that movie, let´s talk about real life. I divide people on two groups; those, who are actually cheating and those, who want to cheat. The potential cheater is in every person. And don’t say that it is not true! You may consider yourself as the biggest puritan in this world but you know very well that even YOU had dreams with other person. 🙊 Denying it?🤨 Ha, you are lying to yourself.😅

Love is true. Your partner is amazing. But let´s face it! Sex is boring and it became a routine. Sometimes “emergency fuck” can evoke more desire in your partnership. Did you know about it? After you fuck someone else you can find out that sex with your partner is much better so you get more motivation to do it even better and do it more often. Or “the emergency fuck” was awesome so you feel guilt and that’s why you want to make it up to your partner. Both possibilities are ok if the sex with other person was all you needed. If you fell in love with other person, that´s not right.☝️ You can fuck more than one person but you can´t love more than one person.☝️ Do you understand? In this case you need to say the truth and give your partner a chance to find a new love as well. Don´t lie to her/him and don’t have two parallel relationships! This will do more mess than you can imagine…

There´s also other kind of cheating than sex. Maybe you don’t need to fuck other person. Maybe all you need is talking, meeting, sharing something… Maybe you need a connection?🤔 Maybe you are tired of your world even in general you are satisfied if it. You wouldn’t change it but from time to time you just need to escape. You need to have a piece of something only for yourself. Something just for you. Your secret. It´s only yours. Nobody needs to know because it´s not important. You wouldn’t change your life for it but you are happy to have a little “filth” in it. You have a chatting friend. Maybe you never met her/him or maybe you did. Doesn’t matter. The important is that you never slept with her/him, you never kissed, you never touched. All you did was texting and talking. Is it cheating?🤔 Is sharing your thought, dreams, fears with other person cheating? Maybe you also flirt. Maybe you text her/him some “inappropriate” emojis. Is it cheating already?🤔 Maybe you just need a bit distraction from your world and that’s it. Nothing else. No sex, no kiss, no touch. Just text. Flirt. Is it so unacceptable?🤔 Everybody sometimes needs to escape the reality. Everybody needs to have something only for themselves. Something that is nobody else´s. You share with your partner everything; house, kids, sex, family, friends, dreams, fears, thoughts, experiences…LIFE! Of course you need to have a piece only for yourself. You need your secret. Everybody has secrets. And if you don’t have a single secret, I beg your pardon, but it is insane. It´s insane to share with your partner EVERYTHING! The secrets, the passwords, the mails, the messages, the phone calls…and if you are so insane you probably share with her/him even the consistence of your shit. 💩🤭 So be so nice and be more liberal. We live in 21th century now and slavery is past. Give your partner more liberty 🗽 and don’t try to lock her/him up because the more you try to do this, the more she/he will want to escape. 🏃🏃‍♀️We are FREE people.✌️

I know relationships are more complicated than that. 🤦‍♀️ You might hurt people you love. Your secret world might hurt them and might destroy everything you really care about. Do you want to know a recipe? Hide everything properly. NO evidence! After texting with your “online soul mate”, delete the whole conversation! Why would you keep it? Are you insane! Do you want your partner to find it?! Jesus Christ!🤦‍♀️ Wake up and delete everything! Or maybe you are keeping all texts in purpose because you fell in love with your “online friend”. In that case you are a dick and your partner will be happier without you.🖕

As I said in the begging; I was never cheated on. Hmm, if my ex-partners followed my “rules” or “way of thinking” or whatever I call it, maybe I was cheated on but I never found out. At least I can say that I was not dating a damn ass who cheated on me and it hurt me. Because if one of them did and I never found out, it means that he was smart and he did it perfectly. Sweet unawareness! 😅😇

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