The Punishment

The last couple years were pretty tough for me. Men just used me and none of them gave me love or support. First, I fell in love with The Liar who just had fun with me and never meant to be seriously with me. Then I started an affair with my boss who used me for sex and even humiliated and insulted me. After I finished the romance with my boss, I went to Italy for a summer job where I was screwed with that job and even robbed. Later, I met a new guy who only wanted sex, of course, and it ended when he fucked my friend in front of my eyes. The next holiday I spent in Malta, where I took an English course and from there I brought home sexual disease.

All those disappointments and my bad financial situation made me become an escort. That job led me to an awesome man who wanted to take care of me. He was my first and the only client, Andreas. 😍 He liked me so much that he offered to have a relationship with me. I was excited about it. A man who was much older than me, but still looked stunning wanted me. He was kind, caring, always looked good, he smelled good and he was exceptionally rich. I saw it like a reward for all those years of suffering. Andreas wanted to spend time with me, even out of bed. He really wanted to be with me. He didn’t want me only as his mistress. I could have had it all with him. He was really a win and I didn’t even have to spin a wheel. Or was he a punishment? ❓❓❓

We started our relationship on my 23rd birthday when we spent the weekend together in Vienna. He spoiled me in all possible ways, and I felt like I was in heaven. A month later it was Christmas, and we spent it together in Thailand. ☺️ It was totally different spending Christmas in an exotic country, rather than in Slovakia where it was cold.❄️❄️ ❄️ I never dreamt about something like that, and Andreas made it all come true for me. From Thailand we took flight to Abu Dhabi, and we celebrated New Year´s Eve there. Everything was perfect; the surroundings, the hotels, the restaurants, the shopping, the beach, the sea and even him. Besides those things I will always think about that holiday only in a good way, but I had one bad experience too. 😒

On Christmas Eve, we had a celebration dinner in a hotel restaurant. Then we went back to the hotel room, and we exchanged presents. The cool champagne, strawberries and small chocolates of all flavors were already waiting for us on the table in the room. I received a Macbook from Andreas, a watch, boots and a wallet. 🤩 I almost fainted when I saw all of it. I never received such expensive gifts in my life. But when I opened the wallet, I fainted again. There were 2 tickets to an Il Divo concert in Tokyo inside it. 😍       I love Il Divo, and I hadn’t seen them live yet. He made me very happy. He earned extra points for remembering that I love them. It meant that he actually listened to me when we talked. ☺️

I had more trouble picking the right gift for him. What to give to a person who has everything? 🤔 He had everything but me. So I gave him myself. I bought sexy lingerie because I knew that it turned him on very much. After I enjoyed my presents, I went to the bathroom to change. I walked back into the room styled like from Moulin Rouge. I waited for his reaction. When he saw me, he jumped to me and started to kiss me roughly and touch me everywhere. He threw me on the bed, undressed me and whispered into my ear, “You are perfect. So beautiful. I want to fuck you hard. Will you let me?”
“Yeaaa”, I whispered between moans coming from my throat.
“I want to fuck you in your ass.” When I heard it, I froze. Not in my butt! When we agreed on our first meeting and set up the rules and conditions, I told him that it was my hard limit and I was never going to do it.
“No! I don’t want it. You know, I don’t like it.”
“Please, honey. Pleeeease. Boo, do it as my Christmas present. Will you do it for me, boo?”
“No, don’t insist! I don’t want that!”
“You will see it won´t be so bad. I will be gentle. I promise. Please, princess let me in.”
“I don’t know. I´m scared.”
“Don’t be. It will be fine.”

It was absolutely not fine. It was even worse than bad.😣 Eventually, he persuaded me even I was aware that his dick was pretty massive. Well, I didn’t want to disappoint him when he insisted so much. After I received those awesome things from him, I kinda had to do it. It was Christmas so I let him enjoy himself. And he really enjoyed it very much. He came pretty loudly. But I was suffering the whole time. I bit the pillow and clenched sheet in my hands from the pain. When he was done, my eyes were full of tears😢, I felt cramps in my hands and I couldn’t open them immediately. That´s how hard I clenched the sheets. ✊ The worst part was that when he took it out, I bled. I felt terrible. I never had such bad and humiliating sex before. I knew that it was last time that I let him do that to me. Never again!

When Andreas put himself together from that exciting moment he just had, he noticed that I was feeling bad. He cuddled and thanked me. He didn’t apologize, only thanked. Then I asked myself for the first time, “Is it worth it?” Before I fell asleep, I had a thousands thoughts in my head. “Does Andreas like me? He acts like he does whole time. He is polite to me, he spoils me, there´s nothing that he wouldn’t give me, he says sweet things to me, he cares about me. But on the other hand, if he really likes me, he would never do something like that. He wouldn’t cause me such pain. He thought only about himself and about his satisfaction, but he didn’t care what I felt. He didn’t give a shit that I suffered. He didn’t even say “sorry” for the pain that he caused me. He only said “thank you” that I let him to do it. He made it clear that it is I who´s to blame. I caused it by myself because I let him to do it. So why would he apologize then, right? It was my fault. He only thanked for the benefit he had from it.” I felt sick. That experience was so harsh that it destroyed the joy I had from the presents and the holiday. I felt disgusted of myself. I felt bad mentally, and I was about to feel bad physically as well. Andreas was already sleeping. I went to the bathroom. I thought I was going to vomit but in the end it passed. I splashed my face with cold water and looked in the mirror. I was so white.

The interesting thing was that night my sister was bleeding too. We both bled at different times of course because the night in Thailand was sooner than in Slovakia but we both bled on Christmas Eve and we both caused it. A week before Christmas my dad found out that his wife was cheating on him. Since then it was very rough at home, and I was more than happy when I had the possibility to escape from all the fights. My sister had a much worse time because even her girlfriend broke up with her. My sister was devastated. So when her mother received a message from her lover on Christmas Eve my dad blew up. They started to argue. My sister´s mother threw a glass at my dad but it missed him and broke. My sister was destroyed from the break up. She listened to a quarrel instead of Christmas carols, and she watched a fight instead of Christmas fairy tales. She took a piece of glass and she cut her wrist. Our dad took her to the hospital immediately, where she was admitted to the psychiatric unit.

The next morning was pretty embarrassing. I don’t know if you girls know how it works after  anal intercourse so I´ll explain shortly. After my night, in the morning I went to the bathroom fearing of hurting and bleeding again. Nothing like that happened. It went out (including his semen) like I diarrhea. And those sounds! OMG! I went out from the bathroom with my face all red. I felt so embarrassed. 🙈
“What´s up, baby?” Andreas asked me with a vicious smile. I said nothing. I was so mad. He caused it and he even laughed at me. What a jerk!😡 Btw that day I pooped like this three more times until everything that he put inside me went finally out. The rest of the vacation Andreas was very kind. He didn’t want anything special in terms of sex, and he always tried to make me orgasm. So I pushed out that bad experience from my head, and I believed that it would not repeat.

We had a school dance in the middle of January. I bought a new dress using the money I earned when I met Andreas for the first time. I knew that sun-tanned I would look irresistibly in the dress. And I did. I met Edward at the dance and I looked so irresistible that he invited me for a drink. But I didn’t want to drink that night because I was supposed to drive in the morning. I went to pick up my sister from the hospital. They released her, and I wanted to take her out of there ASAP. I wanted to support her now since I couldn’t be with her when she needed me the most.

Edward asked me on a date, and I agreed to go. I still wasn’t done with him after what he did to me (see Just Another Asshole). I wanted my revenge and I got it. When we met at the bar and had couple of drinks, Andreas showed himself as a jealous asshole. He was never like this before. He texted me the whole time asking me where I was. He insisted I go home because it was already late. It was a bit before midnight. I tried to calm him down but to be honest, I lost my patience because I needed to focus on my revenge.

I didn’t respond to Andreas´s last messages because I was kind of busy with something else (see Just Another Asshole). Next time when I met Andreas, he reprimanded me about it and he even forbade me from seeing Peter. He knew that Peter was my cool friend and that he supported me when I became an escort. Suddenly, Andreas thought that Peter was a bad influence on me so he didn’t want me to continue meeting him. I knew that he forbade it because of jealousy and not because of the bullshit he made up. I was shocked by his current behavior but it was nothing in comparison what was still waiting for me.

After I finished exams, I went to celebrate with classmates at a mountain chalet. I didn’t mention it to Andreas of course because after the scene he made last time, I kind of didn’t feel like talking to him. After all, I was not his property. I could do anything I wanted. Hmm, I couldn’t be more wrong…

A week after I went to the chalet, I went to Greece to see Andreas. His assistant was waiting for me at the airport, and he drove me to Andreas´s apartment. I went in and saw Andreas sitting on the bar stool in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what to think. Why didn’t he pick me up by himself? He obviously didn’t have work to do.
“Hey. Have you been waiting long?” I asked him because I wanted to find out if he just came home, and that’s why he couldn’t pick me up or he just didn’t feel like picking me up.
“I don’t know what is long. You tell me! How long am I supposed to wait until you stop lying to me finally?!?”
“Excuse me? I don’t understand.” My pulse sped up and I suspected what it was about. But on the other hand, there was no way he found out about the chalet trip. I didn’t post any pictures on social media, and he didn’t know any of my friends.

Andreas came closer to me and showed me his phone. There was a map on the screen with a blinking point. When I looked closer I realized that the point was showing Andreas´s apartment. In that moment, my head was empty. I looked at him timidly and knew it was bad. Really, really bad. Andreas stayed calm and cold. He zoomed the point on his phone until it showed the exact position. It was the kitchen in his apartment. Everything became clear. The point on the map showed my phone sitting inside my hand bag which was on my arm. It was the phone that he gave me the very first day we met. I didn’t even have time to react on the situation because Andreas threw my bag off of my arm, grabbed my wrist so hard that it hurt and pulled me to the bedroom.
“Did you think that you could lie to me? To ME?!? You little slut! Forget about it! Now you will do what I say! You will not make a fool of me!”
While insulting me he undressed me. I didn’t dare to say anything. I was so frightened. I knew that I upset him so much by not telling him about the chalet trip. I thought that he wanted to fuck me so he could relax his nerves. I thought he needed to get that anger out, and I told myself that it was better than beating me. After all, it´s only a sex. I thought, “We will be ok after. We will talk about everything. I´ll explain why I didn’t tell him about the chalet trip and he also need to explain me the stalking thing, right? It´s not normal!”

But Andreas didn’t want sex so he could relax. He was up to something different. When I realized where he wanted to put it, I freaked out.
“No! Please, not to my ass! You said, you were never going to do it again.”
“I have to punish you because you don’t behave properly.”
“Please, don’t do it! Pleeeeeaaaseee!! NOOoooo…!!! I´m begging you. I won´t lie to you again, I promise. Please…no, no, no. Don´t do it! Ow…noo!!”

I cried and yelled but it didn’t stop him. He did it again, and this time it was against my will. He forced himself on me, and that’s why it was much worse. I can´t even describe how bad it was. When he was done, he left the room, and I stayed there lying on the bed like a corpse. I had no strength to even move. There was absolutely nothing in my head. I stared at the wall, and tears were falling down my face.

Andreas always punished me this way when I did something that he didn’t like (see Fall to the Bottom). I hated myself for tolerating it. I was afraid of him, and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t leave him because he threatened me. I could just escape. And in the end I did. I escaped to America.

A word to the wise: When you literally feel like a slave, escape!


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  1. you are a fighter. Stay brave dear and have faith in yourself.

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