Brain vs heart

The brain yells, “NO!!!” but the heart pleads, “YES!” Which one do you listen to? Does it depends on whether you are romantic or pragmatic? 🤔 Hmm, maybe. But I think it depends on whether you are survivor or victim. Let´s think about it…

What is a heart? The heart is an organ that pumps a blood. It can be transplanted and when it stops, it still can revive. And what about brain? The brain rules the whole body. The brain is the center of everything. It can´t be transplanted and when it stops, it´s just over. Game over, baby. 👋 Romantic souls might say, “But thanks to your heart you have feelings. It´s not just an organ that pumps a blood.” 😍 Hmm, let´s think about. About “those” feelings.🤦‍♀️ When your heart is sick and it´s replaced by another one, do you think that with your new heart, you also receive the whole package of feelings of the donator? (poor already dead donator, of course🙈). Of course not! And let´s say that transplantation of the brain would be possible. What do you think that would happen? Your body would get the whole new personality with that new brain. It wouldn´t be you anymore. ☝️ Your brain makes you who you are. Your knowledge, abilities and memories, these all are in your brain. Hmm, I might say that even feelings are inside the brain because when something hurts you, who does it know that it hurts? Your brain.☝️ The brain tells you, “Hey, you! Buddy, something is wrong with your tooth, it fucking hurts.” Soooo….And now, what about love? Brain did its research and now has plenty of arguments why he says “no”. But heart is dying for being with beloved person and says “yes”. You listen to your brain, it is a smart dude, right? But it still hurts! WTF? 😅🤷‍♀️🤔

Survivor or victim? The brain has a self-preservation instinct. It always decides for your good. Its first aim is to rescue you. ☝️ No matter what! And heart? Heart is adventurous dummy and mindlessly runs into first possible danger. 🤦‍♀️  Your heart doesn´t think about your own good. It thinks about others. Your heart is even willing to sacrifice you. For example; imagine you find yourself in life danger with the person you love (not necessarily your partner, it can be a member of your family, or friend, just whoever you love). What would your brain say? “Ruuuuunnn!!! For fucking sake, ruuuuuun! Save our life!”🏃‍♀️ And what would your heart say? “Wait! You have to help him/her! Do whatever it takes!” 👩‍🚒 The brain is selfish. It wants to rescue you no matter what. No matter what a price is. But the heart is brave and generous. It would give everything, even itself. Who do you listen to now? Do you want to live no matter what? Or do you want to rely on your heart and risk everything? Your heart can destroy you! But on the other hand, with your heart you can live beautiful and happy moments. But only moments…😒

You are a wise person. 🤓 You don´t rely on some stupid feelings, right? 🤦‍♀️ You don´t run mindlessly to the person you love.🤦‍♀️  You step on your heart and you kill it. 🖤 You rely on your brain. You will always win with your brain.🏆 Bravo!! 👏 Congrats! 🤝 Let me tell you something now. ☝️ You know what´s saying, “You can´t rely on anyone but yourself.” Hmm, I thought the same until my friend told me about his experience. He told me, “I thought I was going to fart and I shit my pants.” 😅😅😅 Funny hah? See? He THOUGHT! The brain is responsible for thinking! So the brain screwed him. 🖕

Interesting point of view, right? So which one do you vote for? Brain or heart? The choice is yours…☝️😇😍

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