For broaken hearts

Hey you! Woman! Are you down? Is your heart broken? Did he leave you? Did he cheat on you? Did he lie to you? Doesn’t he want to be with you anymore? Never mind! It´s okay. He is not right for you then. Let him leave. You can´t force him to stay. You can´t force him to love you. He is also human being with his own feelings and he deserves to be happy with the right person just for him. You can´t fight the destiny. It supposed to be like this. You may do everything you can to keep him, to make a change, but if it doesn’t work…let it go! Let HIM go!


Remember! If he didn’t stay in your life, it means he wasn’t worth of your universe! Someone better is waiting for you. You know he is somewhere out there. I assure you, he will come to get you.


I know it hurts now. Broken heart hurts so much. I know, I´ve been there. But even you are suffering right now, it´s okay. You know why? Because it means that you live! Just stop yourself for a second and think about it. You feel pain, so much pain. You suffer, but you live! You are still alive and it means that the pain didn’t kill you. You are a Fighter! 💪 You are worth of living and the life had prepared something great for you. Just believe in it! ☝️

I´m grateful for all pain I´ve been through.🙏 My pain was like a force that made me keep going. Going further and further. I swear to you that I was in such pain that I wanted to die. I wanted it to be over. I didn’t want to feel again. The life had no value for me. But now I see it differently. I love life! I love myself and I love everything around me. Maybe some man broke your heart. 💔 Maybe that pain almost killed you. But NO man can kill the love inside you. He just killed your love for him. But you are still capable of loving.♥️ Believe me! Start with loving yourself and that will move you on. 🔜❤️❤️❤️

Doesn’t he love you? Did he leave you? Fuck him!🖕 He is not worth of any your tear. Stop crying! Put yourself together and move on! Be grateful for what you have!

The pain is part of the life. And living is the best thing that could ever happen to us!☝️😍🔝

So NO game over! The game just began… 

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