What happened in Italy?

I successfully finished my second year of college, and I was ready to enjoy the summer. Actually, I was ready to work and earn money since I was going to Italy for a summer job with Lea. I desperately needed to leave Kosice and not think about what would be if I stayed …(with him, The Married Guy). Would we be together? Perhaps not. I didn’t tell him, “see you” or “goodbye”. His last words were, “Goodbye my little Italian girl.” (See The Married Guy)

Lea arranged everything around our summer job because her friend had been there before. When Lea asked me if I was interested in going with her, I didn’t hesitate for a second. There was nothing in Kosice that held me back. No man, no job, simply nothing. I was open to new possibilities and I wanted to have new experiences. After all, work experience abroad always looks great on a CV, even if it is only a waitress job. I already had experience in that so I wasn’t afraid that I would be totally lost. I wasn’t worried about the language barrier either because I spoke Spanish and it´s very similar to Italian so I would manage it somehow. As another option, I could speak my weak English. “Hmm, I should improve my English”, I thought.🤔

Lea and I finished all our exams. We already bought bus tickets to Rimini. Just one detail left to take care of. We had no idea who would pick us up in Rimini, and where would that person take us. 🤷‍♀️
“I don’t know what is happening. That lady from the agency is not replying. But I told her that we will arrive on the 15th of June so I hope that somebody will be waiting for us”, Lea told me when we had coffee in the city.
“And what about that friend of yours? Doesn’t she have any other contact information for the lady from the agency besides an email address? Or some contact info for the Italian partner agency?”
“I will ask her.”
“Yea, it would be great to be 100% certain since we are leaving in two days, and we still don’t know what will happen when we get off the bus in Rimini. We don’t know who will pick us up, or even if somebody will be there. We don’t know where they will take us, and we don’t know where we will work exactly. Actually, now that I think about it, we know absolutely nothing.” I started to freak out.
“Don’t panic. We know that we will get jobs as waitresses in some pub in Rimini. The housing accommodation is included. They wouldn’t leave us to sleep on the beach, right? And the most important thing is that we know how much we will earn, and it will be much more than if we worked the whole summer here in Slovakia.”
“That’s true. We will earn so much that during the school term, we won´t have to do anything, and we can just focus on our studies and enjoy parties.”

The departure day came, and we still didn’t know what would happen when we arrived to Rimini.🤷‍♀️ Nobody answered Lea´s emails. When we got on the bus, we had doubts if we should even go. Eventually, youthful naivety and our desire for adventure won, and we headed to Italy. Our journey lasted about 18 hours so we hoped that it was still enough time for somebody to respond. 🙏

Eventually, everything ended well. Hmm, it depends on your point of view… 🤔 A guy was waiting for us at the bus station in Rimini. His name was Marcus. He told us that the lady from the Slovak agency was sick in the hospital. He also told us that we shouldn’t be worried, that he knew about our arrival, and he already arranged a job and a room for us. Hmm, yes, he did. But what kind of job?!?😠 Absolutely not the job we agreed to take with Slovak agency. But it wasn’t possible to call the lady from that agency so we had no other choice but to go with Marcus and take whatever job he offered us. Otherwise we could just turn around and go back home. Our pride didn’t let us to do that. Lea didn’t want to disappoint her parents and wanted to show them that she was independent and that she could do it. I couldn´t go back in just two days either since my parents gave me 200€ for the journey, and they hoped that they got rid of me for whole summer.

So what kind of job did we finally get? Not waitresses but hostesses in a night clubs. 😐Don’t worry, we didn’t work as whores.✌  It wasn’t a whorehouse but a “night club” where men went to look at young girls pole dancing and where they could also pay to spend time with them.🤦‍♀️

Our accommodations were in a huge house with 10 rooms. There were 2-3 girls in each room. Can you imagine it? About 25 girls in the one house with one kitchen and 3 bathrooms. It was insane! The girls came from the whole world, but they were mostly from Cuba and Romania. Some of them were really disgusting. 🤢 They were nasty and hygiene didn’t mean so much to them. They were also rough, vulgar, quarrelsome and liked to fight. When Lea and I stepped inside, we almost started to cry. 😫 Only one of them spoke English, and the rest of them spoke only Italian. We could still communicate with the girls from Cuba in Spanish but what about the others? How were we supposed to live with them if we couldn’t understand each other? This type of bullshit concerned us in the beginning when we didn’t know that much worse communication problems were waiting for us…😟

Fortunately, we went to work the next day so we had only one day off to settle in and relax after the long journey. That day we tried to mentally prepare ourselves for a hard night. When it was evening, the girls with lots of make up on and barely dressed assembled in the hall and loudly talked in Italian. Lea and I stood a bit further away and watched what was happening. We tried but we didn’t understand a single word.🤷‍♀️

At 10:00 PM a driver picked us up and drove us to the club. It was situated in a basement, and when I was going downstairs, I felt like I was going for my execution. 😬 Although, I was nicely dressed up with make up on, walking in high heels but I still felt like going for the execution. The whole time, I considered my possible escape route.🤔🧐

The club was dark and decorated in red. Ha, obviously. 🤦‍♀️ There was a bar on one side, a dance floor with poles was in the middle, and on the other side, there was a sitting area. An entrance with curtains was on the backside of the dance floor. We didn’t know what was behind it. Lea and I didn’t know what to think when men started to arrive and took girls backward there.😯

“What do you think is behind the curtains? What do they do there? Do you think they fuck in there?” I asked Lea with a frightened voice.
“I don’t know. I hope not because otherwise we are done here.”
“I´m scared. I don’t know how I will manage to sit with those men in the booth. Can you see how the men are all over those sluts? Are we supposed to let them touch us? I don’t know what to do at all.” I freaked out.
“Neither do I. We didn’t agree to this. We can´t even pole dance. Let´s ask the boss what we should be doing here.”

So we went to talk with the owner of the club. Of course, she didn’t speak English, and we didn’t speak Italian so the only girl who understood both languages translated our conversation. So what were our work responsibilities? Sitting with clients in the booths and keep them happy. 🤔 Talk to them, smile, giggle, flirt with them, dance and from time to time, let them touch us. We couldn’t imagine how we would handle it since our Italian was minimal. We were not able to talk to the clients so were we supposed to communicate with them only with body language? Dance with them? Letting them feel us up? What the fuck else could we do?😫😓

Our stay in Italy turned into a big disaster. We didn’t sleep even one night. We lived at night and slept during the day like owls.🦉  We had to work 6 nights per week. Our nights off we spent partying. We needed to relax and reset our minds because the whole situation drove us crazy there. 🤯 Work was our worst nightmare. We exchanged a few basic phrases with the clients and we couldn’t move further. The language barrier didn’t let us. So clients started coming onto us of course and we had to let them.😓 Fortunately, the room on the back side of dance floor behind the curtain wasn’t for fucking. There was only room with more booths and a small dance floor. We spent a lot of time there. The clients tried to kiss us during dancing and we used as many ways to avoid it as possible. It was disgusting.🤮

One day, I was pleased to run into a client who spoke English. Finally, I could speak even if my English wasn’t perfect. Anyway, I could distract him with words and I didn’t need to use my body. 🤩 That client seemed to be very nice so I accepted his invitation for dinner. Let´s name him The Nice Guy.😊

The Nice Guy took me to a very fancy restaurant the very next day. The whole time we only talked and he didn’t try anything. No kiss, no touching, absolutely nothing. It was very nice. Finally, I felt normal again. I felt like a woman and not like piece of meat for sale.😇

For our next date, we went as a foursome. He had a single friend so I asked Lea to go with us. We went to a fancy restaurant again. Lea and I didn’t feel like sluts but like ladies. We enjoyed the beautiful place and pleasant company. 😊

We spent the third date as a foursome again. They took us to some house or rather a chalet somewhere in the forest far away from the city. They cooked a delicious dinner for us. They really surprised us because the food was extremely tasty. Well, even though they were kind, we still felt some fear. They were basically strangers who took us to a secluded place. We knew that they wanted to sleep with us.🤨 We were not so stupid. Fortunately, they also had a lot of alcohol there. Lea and I agreed that we had to get drunk so we could handle it. After all, they were more than 40 year old so it was almost double our age. 🤦‍♀️

After dinner, we sat down in the living room. Suddenly, my Nice Guy turned into a wild animal. 🐯 He started to dance in front of me and around me like a stripper.🕺 He took his shirt off, also took his belt off and started to slap with it like with a whip. He did weird moves and made even weirder sounds. I got scared. I was aware that he wanted to fuck me, and his behavior predicted what kind of sex he preferred. I understood that he liked sadomasochist sex.😧 I consider myself a passionate woman but I doubted that I could handle a 40 year old man hitting me with a whip. 😬 Lea could see fear in my eyes so she asked me to go with her to the kitchen when the guys went to smoke cigarettes outside. We drank a big glass of vodka and we filled our cups again. We desperately needed to get drunk as soon as possible. Especially me. Lea was lucky bitch because her guy looked normal.😤

In the end, we got drunk much more than we meant to. 🙈 We were so drunk that I ended up throwing up in the bathroom🤮 , and Lea didn’t know where she was 😵. So we both avoided sex. Hooray!😁 The toilet became my best friend for next couple of hours. The Nice Guy got upset of course and he left. After I put myself together, I helped to the other guy with Lea. We put her into the car and the guy was so nice that he drove us home. Lea was totally unconscious. When we got home, I needed to take her out of the car and then into the house carrying her in my arms. When we got inside the house, she laid down on the floor and wanted to sleep. Somehow I managed to lift her from the floor, pulled her up the stairs and threw her into the bed. It was 6am when I finally laid down too. I was out of breath and sweaty from the effort but it was still better to be out of breath from that than from sadomasochistic sex with a psycho. Omg, what a weirdo.🤦‍♀️

I hadn’t seen the Nice Guy again. He didn’t contact me anymore and I didn’t have a reason to text him either. The next days were quite the same till I ran into another “interesting” client. He was from Macedonia and he was missing a thumb on one hand.😯 Who doesn’t have a thumb?? 🤔😲 Maybe you would think that he had an accident with a saw, or it could have happened when he chopped wood. But no! It was very clear to me that it was his payment for a debt he owed some big guy. He used to come to the club with the whole group of beefy and bald guys. I found out that they were drug dealers, and that even our boss had some business with them.

The Mafioso liked me. Every time he came to the club he ordered me as his hostess. I was scared to sit with him even if he never actually did anything to me. He never touched me but I still was afraid of him. He was a dangerous man. He was a drug dealer, he was missing a thumb and I felt like I was in a bad crime drama when he started to speak Russian to me. 😬 I can´t speak any Russian but I understood that he wanted to start a business with prostitutes in Scandinavia. He asked me if I was able to find healthy whores in Slovakia. He wanted me to go with him to Scandinavia but not as one of  whores to his whorehouse, but perhaps as his personal whore. I had enough!🤦‍♀️

“Lea, I´m scared. He wants me to get him some whores from Slovakia. He even said that they have to be healthy.”
“Find me whores, but only healthy!” Lea imitated him and laughed. I must admit that it was funny when we talked about it like that but on the other hand, the whole situation wasn’t funny at all.
“Stop laughing! I´m serious. What if he kidnaps me? I´m frightened to even go outside now.”
“I know. That’s not fun.”
“I want to go home.”
“So do I but we have been here for only 4 weeks when we said we would be here for 3 months. What would we say if we came back now? Our parents would think that we couldn’t handle it. That we are absolutely incapable of working abroad. That we couldn’t even handle one month.”
“I know but they think that we are working as waitresses. If they knew what we are dealing with, they would wish we came back the first day we arrived. They wouldn’t want us to do what we are doing.”
“I know but it´s too late now. We can´t tell them the truth. We can´t tell anyone the truth. Do you understand?” Lea warned me.
“No one will hear about it from me.” I swore.

A few days later we got robbed. We came home from the work at dawn and all the doors were broken. All our rooms were a mess. Lea and I were shocked when we stepped into our room and we assessed the damage. Fortunately, we had our phones with us at work, but we lost all our money, laptops and IDs. It was nightmare. I couldn’t deal with it. It was the first time I was robbed. It pissed me off very much. All my pictures and files from school were in the laptop, and suddenly I had nothing. The money earned by humiliating myself and smiling at perverts was all gone. I was worried how we would get back to Slovakia since my ID was gone as well.

The next day, we went to the police station, where we received a document so that we could cross the borders on our way back home without our ID´s. We gave up after the robbery. We had nothing and we didn’t even have the strength to keep going. We worked another 3 days so we earned enough money for the journey back and for some food. At least we had a good excuse for the parents as to why we came back after 5 weeks instead after 3 months.

It was a horrible experience. That was my first experience with a job abroad and it was complete disaster. On our way back, I asked myself, or maybe I asked God, “Why me? Why was I fucked over with my job? Why did I attract a freak who liked S&M. Why did The Mafia Guy without a thumb choose me to start a prostitution business with? Why did they even have to rob me? Why? Why? Why did everything end up like shit?”

What happened to the lady from “the agency” and what happened to Lea´s friend who referred us to the agency? We hadn’t heard from them anymore. The agency didn’t even exist, and we assumed that the lady from the agency and Lea´s “friend” worked together. They probably were paid to find girls for Marcus. They screwed us.

Word to the wise: Do your research before you work abroad! Find out all the information about the agency you go through, about the job, the employer, the country, the place, the people and so on. Also ask for references. And never, I mean really never give your passport or other ID to anyone! We were so lucky that they didn’t kidnap us when they stole our IDs. Or they could have stolen our identity and brought some illegal immigrants to Europe. I think the thieves, whoever they were, definitely knew what they were doing. I´m not 100% sure who the thieves were but I´m most suspicious of Mr. No Thumb.🤔



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  1. Great post. Thanks for giving us a peek into your life.

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