Chapter 5, part 3: Fall to the Bottom

I arrived in Budapest a few minutes before midnight. The shuttle from Budapest to Kosice was leaving at 12:30am. I had a half an hour to kill so I went outside to have a cigarette. It was so cold outside. Hmm, no surprise since it was the middle of November, a week before my birthday. I was supposed to turn 23. I nostalgically remembered the last 4 years of my life. Oh my God! I experienced much more than was healthy. And eventually, how did I end up? A VIP luxury hostess a.k.a. a whore.  It wasn´t so bad though. I wasn’t standing on the street corner waiting for clients. I wasn’t working in a whorehouse. I just took a trip to Greece and I met a kind and good looking fifty year old man. I had sex with him for 1000€ and it was actually a good sex. I received gifts, enjoyed luxurious surroundings and got an offer to be in a relationship. Hmm, not so bad. As a 23 year old I made it pretty far. Can you believe it? A 1000€ per night?!? I made that kind of money in a year part time working as a bartender. And now, I earned it in one single weekend! Unbelievable! But let´s be honest here; my dignity went to the shit.

“Hey! How was it? Start talking and spill your guts! Btw did you bring me the olive oil I asked for?” Peter welcomed me with these words when I came over.
“Hey love! Nice to see you too.” I kissed him on his lips as always. Yes, on his lips, 💋and we are still just friends.
“I didn’t, because I had no place for it. I bought so many clothes that I almost couldn’t zip my suitcase. Andreas gave me money for shopping. Can you believe it? I almost fainted.”
“Hmm, you are a high class lady now.”
“Wait till I tell you everything.” So I started to talk. It was unbelievable unreal what happed to me, but what happened was all real.
“Listen, you won! Your fee is paid so you can fuck the agency now. You still earned a 1000€ so I expect you to throw a huge birthday party. And you also received an iPhone and clothes. I would recommend you keep him as long as you can. But on the other hand, he might be pretty sly and he just wanted to coax you so he could fuck you for free.”
“It crossed my mind too. I really don’t know what to think about it. I don’t understand why he would want to be with me. He has so much money that gold-diggers must chase after him.”
“You told me that he was interested in you because you are in school.”
“Yea, because I´m “the only one” who is in school, right?”
“And that you never fucked for money yet. Also that you are modest, kind, easy to talk to, understanding, intelligent, beautiful, fuckable… do I need to continue?”
“Wow, I guess you are already high. I haven’t heard so many compliments in one sentence before.”
“Did he tell you who he was with before you? Or what kind of hookers he ordered through the agency? Probably you were more interesting than any of them.”
“All he said was that he never took any hooker home. You know, he is mostly in Vienna on business trips so he met them there. Even I was supposed to go there. Do you remember? But it didn’t work so he invited me to his place. He told me that I was the first escort who he invited to his home. And then after he got divorced, he had a relationship with some model from Russia. You know, he works in fashion business so he meets models every day. He also showed me pictures of her. You know how beautiful she is! OMG! Wait, I´ll show you.”

I googled the Russian model and showed her to Peter.
“Wooow, I would fuck her without thinking”, Peter was amazed.
“Look! Here she is with Andreas.”
“Hmm, there is a master! He looks good, elegant and he seems to be strict. Did he command you in the bed?”
“Not at all. He was kind all the time; in the bed and also outside of the bedroom.”
“And sex? What was it like with an old guy?”
“You can see how he looks like. He doesn’t look his age at all. So the sex was okay. His body is still in shape and well cared for. He just has grey hair. You know, everywhere.”
Peter laughed.
“Nice. Well, when he was young, guys did not shave their bodies so he kept it that way. You should upgrade him a bit.”
“Stop it! I would never tell him that, “Shave your body!” It´s so embarrassing. I prefer to pretend that I don’t mind.”
“I understand. You are a professional.”
“You are a dick!” We both laughed so much. I think we were pretty high.
“Did he make you come?” Peter was curious.
“During the sex not. I was so nervous that I couldn’t relax, and I focused on his satisfaction. After all, Andreas paid me for it, right? But when he finished he made me come with his hand. I was surprised that even though he was already done, he still thought about my satisfaction.”
“A real gentleman.”
“But you know that I would love to make you come with my hand if you let me fuck your pussy.”
“OMG! Peter! You had enough! Give me the joint.”

It was my birthday a week after the meeting with Andreas. I still hadn’t decided if I wanted to begin a relationship with him or not but we stayed in touch daily. Thanks to the iPhone he bought me, I could respond to his messages right away. I didn’t even need to connect to wi-fi since the internet was included in my mobile plan. 😀I paid it myself even though he wanted to give me money for it. I didn’t want to be that asshole who would ask him for 50€ for my mobile plan after all he already spent on me.🙈

I told Andreas that I still didn’t know if I wanted to be with him but since it was my birthday, he insisted that he wanted to make it special for me. 😊 He invited me to Vienna so I wouldn’t have to travel far away. It was still 7 hours by train but at least I didn’t have to go half across Europe with all those transfers. I agreed. I told myself that I will meet him once more and I will see. After that weekend I will decide what I will do next.

After Andreas and I had sex, we just layed down next to each other and talked in our hotel room in Vienna.
“I don’t understand why you want to be with me. You can have whoever you want. Every girl would be love to be with you and would accept the conditions you set up.”
“I don’t want whoever. I want you. I don’t want cheap girls from the internet. I had enough of those.”
“But your previous relationship was with a model. After all, you work in the fashion business so you don’t need to search for chicks on the internet. You meet beautiful women every day. Your last girlfriend was unbelievably beautiful with a perfect body. I can´t compare to her.”
“That’s why I like you. I´m going crazy about your curves. I´m not excited about those skinny models. I was with them for fun. But they didn’t turn me on so much as you do. They look like a man. They are as straight as a pencil; no curves. You are a real woman. Can´t you see what you do to me? How excited I am around you? I wasn’t like that with them. They had to make a real effort to turn me on. But now, I touch you and my dick stands up.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. He preferred me to models! Me?! 😯😁 I turned him on more than them. I thought I was dreaming. Ha! Finally, somebody admired my womenly curves. Finally, I wasn’t criticized for being “fat” but appreciated for it. 🙌🤘Ok, I must admit that in the last year I lost a bit of weight but I still wasn’t skinny. I was curvy and he liked me like that. The millionaire liked me! 😁✌Can you believe it?!? What more could I wish for?

“Do you know what I like the most about you?” Andreas continued.
“I´m listening.”
“Your big, blue, innocent eyes. You have a young, pure and innocent look. Your eyes don’t hide anything wicked behind them.”

Hmm, if he knew what I already experienced, perhaps he would change his mind. 🤔Anyway, I appreciated that he thought that about me. I was happy that he saw me as innocent and pure. On the other hand, I think he was right. I wasn’t bad and wicked. I just ran into some assholes.😔  I was sad and disappointed from love, that’s why I often behaved inappropriately. But I was glad the innocent look stayed.😇

“And do you know what would make me happy now? Could you do something for me?” Andreas asked me.
“What would you like?”
“I would like you to blow me in position where I am standing and you are on your knees. And I want you to look at me while doing it. I want your big beautiful innocent eyes staring at me. I want to see these eyes while getting my blowjob.”

I was a bit in shock. I didn’t know what to say. We just had sex and he wanted a blowjob? I was not obligated to do it, after all he didn’t pay me anymore. I was there willingly and I didn’t have to do anything that I didn’t want to do. On the other hand, he was nice to me all the time. He invited me to spend the weekend at this beautiful place and he also hinted that he had some surprises for me. I thought, “I should probably do it so he is not disappointed that he only gives and doesn’t get anything in return. Hmm, okay, I will do it. Anyway, he doesn’t want anything disgusting from me. He just wanted me to be his “Lolita.”👀🤭

“Hey you! So tell me, how was your weekend?” Peter asked me, when we met. I invited him for my birthday lunch. Guess what I received from him as a present? Condoms! 🤣🤦‍♀️ Ha, he is funny.
“It was awesome! I got these earrings and a belly piercing. Last time we met, I told him I would like to get a piercing so he took me to a piercing studio, and they pierced my navel. Great, right? Finally, I have a piercing. Hooray! I´m so happy!”😁😎
“You are irresistible now!”😅
“Well, it´s still sore, a bit swollen and red, but when it heals, it will be nice.”
“You will look sexy.”
“Finally, I had the body for it. I lost weight, and my belly finally looks flat so when I sit down, I don’t need to be afraid that it looks like tire with nail in it. Now it looks just right. But I can´t lose anymore because Andreas likes my curves and my ass turns him on very much. Can you believe it?”
“I always told you that you are hot. So what are you complaining about?”
“I´m not complaining, just saying that I don’t understand how he can be so into my huge ass.”
“Okay, Huge Ass, tell me what else you were doing in Vienna.”
“Well, we walked around the city. We went to a spa. He took me to beautiful restaurants. You know, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had every meal in different restaurants, and it was always pretty expensive. I almost fainted when he paid 35€ just for breakfast. People in Kosice hardly earn that much per day, and would never spend it only on breakfast! 🙄🤦‍♀️ Hmm, and what else did we do? Have sex, of course!”
“You must have felt like a high class lady with him. He spoils you.”
“Like a princess! He even started to call me that! “My princess” or “my sweet princess.” Cute, right? I´m totally head over heels for him.”😊😍
“I can see. I´m not surprised though. He has money. He is nice. He is even able to make you come in the bed. So what else could you wish for?”
“Him being younger? Well, I don’t mind when I´m with him in a different city where nobody knows me. But I can still see people´s looks. It´s very clear to everybody that       I´m his kept woman. But he wants to visit Kosice! He wants to see the city where I live. I can´t be seen with him in public here! Not at all! Even if Kosice is the second biggest city in Slovakia, it´s still like a village. People would be gossiping about me if they saw me with him. I´m sure that we would meet somebody I know. I don’t want anyone to know that I mixed up with an old rich man.”
“Tell him that here people would point at you two. Tell him that we Slovakians are very envious and jealous people so that you prefer to meet him somewhere else. For example Budapest. It´s only 3 hours by train.”
“Right. Next time, I will suggest Budapest.”


I spent Christmas in Thailand and New Year´s Eve in Abu Dhabi. I had to spend one weekend per month with Andreas in Kosice (mandatory), and every second weekend, I had to be with him in Thessaloniki. I was obligated to attend all fashion shows in Bratislava, Vienna and Milan. Simply I had to attend all projects on which he worked. I had to accompany him everywhere he went. He always bought me new dress, shoes, handbag and accessories for every occasion. I had to look perfect. I always had to stand and sit properly. I always had to smile but not laugh. I was not allowed to enjoy myself and be cheerful. I was supposed to be serious. I was permitted to speak with other men only with Andreas present and only when they asked me something. I answered from a set script. I couldn’t do anything spontaneous. I couldn’t even look at other men. If I looked at another man or I laughed at some funny story told by someone, I was punished… 😢 He knew that my innocent, childish laugh drew attention. He knew that men were excited by my congenial behavior and cute accent. He knew that my innocent look attracted other men as well, not only him. But I was only his!!! ☝ Nobody else´s. He was so jealous. Unbelievably jealous! He couldn’t stand the thought that somebody else might have me. I was all his. I was his property that no one was allowed to look at or touch.☝

To be continued…. last part of chapter 5 coming next Friday

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