Chapter 5, part 2: Fall to the Bottom

So the day finally arrived. I took a flight from Budapest to Thessaloniki. I didn’t eat at all. I knew that if I tried to put anything in my mouth, it would come out of one end or the other. I couldn’t risk any embarrassment so I preferred to stay hungry, but at least I drank a bit water so I didn’t pass out.

My stomach was upside down after landing. Inside my head, it was like a vacuum. My legs were shaking like I had done The Tour de France 🚴‍♀️. First thing I did was to go to the restroom. I refreshed myself and tried to put myself together. I told myself, “I can do it! I will get over it. I already had gotten over a lot of stuff. This will be the worst for now but I will survive. I´m strong and I will do it like a boss!”🙌After my motivational speech, I took my baggage and went to find my client to the waiting area.

We recognized each other at first sight. We had already seen each other´s pictures so it wasn’t a problem. I was a bit worried that the photo could lie, after all he was 54, but in real life, he actually looked better. And at his age?! OMG! I wouldn´t say he was 54 at all. 😯I would guess 40. He was manly, well taking care of, athletic, elegant, well-dressed, perfectly groomed, and he welcome me with wide smile and a bouquet of pink roses. I almost passed out. He looked very warm and my stress fell apart. He didn’t seem like an old pervert who needed to pay for young chicks to satisfy his desires. At that moment, when we met, I couldn’t believe my luck.🍀 I thought that I was stopping into shit but in the end it turned to be much better. A handsome  middle age man waited for me. He was gallant, nice and he even smelled good. I finally started to believe that everything ends up well. I was 100% sure that I could handle it (unless he would want to fuck me in the ass, but we had already discussed that. I made it clear that that would not happen).  Maybe I would even enjoy it. Ha! Every whore´s dream. 🤩

After great introduction we got into sports car. I´m not into cars so I had no idea what make it was. All I knew it was sporty. I felt like I was sitting on the floor. Since I was wearing a skirt, I had trouble getting in and out.🤨 So what? It was beautiful. Shiny and black with leather seats. It reminded me of The Batmobile a bit. 😁

On our way from the airport, we talked about general stuff. He was surprised that I was in college. I didn’t understand why. It´s very common that people go to college, right?🤷‍♀️ He knew that I was about to turn 23 next week so what did he think? That I was working as prostitute full time? That would be a “great” ending. 🤦‍♀️He told me that then when he sent me those 5 emails after canceling Vienna, he was pretty pissed off that I didn’t answer right away. He thought that I was with another client, and that’s why I couldn’t reply. But when I explained what kind of phone I had, and that I was at school the whole day, he was pleasantly surprised that I was a student. He appreciated it and I rose up in his eyes. He not only admired  my beauty but also my personality. At least he said so.☺ I was totally out of my mind for him. His words surprised me. I didn’t expect that the fact that I studied would impress him so much. Until then, he probably just met real whores with empty heads, who can only spread their legs. Well, I was happy that I was different and he was interested in me. “At least he will be nice to me”, I hoped.

Actually he was more than nice. He was perfect! Listen to what happened when we arrived to his apartment! ☝By the way, he had 2 bedroom apartment in the penthouse in the center of the city. Literally on the main street. There was a huge balcony off of the living room. On street level were coffee shops, restaurants, fancy boutiques and in front of us the sea! It was luxurious. And that’s not all! Like I said, he was more than just nice.
“I got surprise for you”, he said.
“Another one? Roses were enough for me”, I said modestly.
“Close your eyes.”
I thought, “I only know this man for an hour. He already gave me roses and now he wants me to close my eyes so he can give me something? Where am I? Alice´s Wonderland?”😁🤩

When I opened my eyes, Andreas stood in front of me and held small white box with bitten apple on it. Yes, exactly! He gave me an iPhone. 📱 I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t accept such an extravagant gift, but he resisted. He told me that he bought it for me right after I replied to his emails and he realized that I was only a student with a shitty crap cell phone.
“Now you will be always ready to answer immediately. You can buy a mobile plan with data and then we can be in touch nonstop. Don’t worry, I will pay for it.”

He did really mean it! He really gave me an iPhone. In Slovakia, only businessmen have those phones, and out of my classmates, only those ones who had rich parents. And now, I had one.😁🤩 I couldn’t wait to show it to Peter. He worked at T-Mobile so he would definitely recommend the right plan for me.

After I accepted the gift, I gave him a small kiss on his mouth. 💋 It was spontaneous but also so automatic. He deserved it for that kind of present, right? The entire situation seemed very natural. I absolutely didn’t feel like he was a client, and I his escort. It seemed like there was something more. Could it be…? Perhaps. But I knew that I couldn’t get carried away by the luxury all around me. I was aware that after that weekend it would be over. I would pay the agency the fee, and I wouldn’t meet Andreas ever again.

After I unpacked, we went for lunch. He took me to the restaurant with a sea view. I was pretty hungry because that day I hadn’t eaten yet because of nerves. I couldn’t wait to finally eat something. I wasn’t nervous anymore and I wasn’t afraid either so I had a big appetite. We had risotto with some sea food. I hadn’t had it before and I must say it was like heaven in my mouth.😋🤗 Literally. The restaurant was very luxurious, the food was excellent. I had a glass of white wine and a pleasant company. What else could I ask for? I felt like a lady; not like a whore.

During lunch we talked a lot. My English still wasn’t perfect but after last year´s course in Malta, I felt more secure in speaking. I was aware that I was making mistakes, but the important thing was that he understood everything I said. After lunch he had some business to do. I had no problem with it. I was happy that I could take a nap because I was a bit tired from travelling and the stress. But my dream about lying down disappeared when he told me that I couldn’t go back to the apartment now because the cleaning lady was there. So he gave me 500€ 😵(can you believe it? I was totally speechless) and drove me to the shopping center. He said I should shop until the cleaning lady was done. It would take about 2 to 3 hours. He also gave me his assistant´s phone number because when I was finished with shopping, or out of money, I was supposed to call him, and he would bring me some more money or drive me back to the apartment. I think that when he was saying all this, I just stood there with my mouth agape and my eyes popping out. 😲

I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought, “Is there a hidden camera somewhere? Yes, it´s true that I had already been with wealthy men, but I didn’t get anything at all from them. Those guys took from me, but never gave anything. But this one? He didn’t even ask for anything and all he did was give, give and give. In three hours, I had already received flowers, an iPhone, a delicious lunch, and 500€ for shopping. He had to be more than rich if he could afford to waste so much on a whore.

It didn’t matter if I was tired or not, I was supposed to shop.🛍 I didn’t mind at all. I have never had a 500€ spending limit with the option to get more. I didn’t plan to use that option of course. I didn’t want to look like a gold-digger. I decided to go to cheaper boutiques and to buy stuff for reasonable prices rather than buying only one overpriced item. After all, in Kosice nobody would appreciate it and I would just look ridiculous. So I avoided boutiques like Dior, Versace or Chanel, and I went to Zara and H&M. I bought a dress, jeans, a top and the rest was sports wear. I needed it because after my ex-boss made some comments about my body, I started to attend taebo classes. I should probably thank him for the motivation. Since I started to exercise, I lost 15 pounds but I still kept my curves. I lost fat and I  gained muscles. 💪I looked pretty good. I should compliment myself, right?😅

Well, let´s go back to the shopping. So, I was done and I still had 35€ left. I thought it would be great to say thanks to Andreas for all his kindness, and surprise him. So I went to Paco Romano and wanted to buy him a tie. I found one, exactly the same as from the cover of 50 Shades of Grey. You know, that beautiful grey one with the dashed pattern. It looked really luxurious. I was pretty naïve when I thought that 35€ would be enough. The tie cost 48€ so I had to pay 13€ from my pocket. I didn’t mind though. It was the least I could do for him. After all, I spent his 465€ on my clothes, so 13€ for his tie was really nothing.

After shopping, his assistant picked me up and drove me to his apartment. The cleaning lady was already gone, and I must say that she left it very tidy and fragrant. I took a shower, got dressed, put my make up on, did my hair, and waited for my Greek. We were supposed to have a dinner and drinks in his restaurant. He wanted to show it to me. He opened it only a month ago so it was brand new. I couldn’t wait to go. I even couldn’t wait for him to arrive because I already wanted to give him that tie. I was so excited. It was weird but I was really looking forward to seeing him. ☺

He showed up a few minutes before 7pm. When he opened a box with the tie, he looked at me and said, “50 Shades of Grey?”
How did he know? I don’t believe that he read the book. Men don’t read things like that. I turned red. He came closer, kissed my cheek like a real gentleman and whispered in my ear, “Later I will show you 50 shades of Andreas, and you will wear this tie. Only the tie.”
Even though that 54 years old grandpa was standing in front of me, his words made me wet. I couldn’t believe he turned me on. I swear.☺

He took a shower, and we went out. We walked towards his restaurant because it was located only few blocks from his apartment. It was Saturday evening and his restaurant was completely full. And I must point out that his restaurant was really huge. It wasn’t a small broom closet where only 20 people can fit. His restaurant was colossal and full up. I never saw anything like it before. Ok, maybe I did but only in a movie, but now I saw it in real life. 😯

The front wall, that faced the street, was all glas so you had nice view from inside, and you also could see what was going on inside from the outside. On the right side, there was a bar with very attractive people working behind it. Bartenders and waitresses looked like they were cut out from magazines. They wore very stylish uniforms. A combination of black, silver and white. Even their faces were attractive and their bodies athletic. I felt like I was at a fashion show or something. They really looked like models. In front of us was a colossal room with high ceiling with very ostentatious chandelier hanging in the middle. Towards the back of the room was the kitchen and on the both sides of room were winding stairs that lead to a balcony which wound around the entire square building. There was another bar and more tables on the balcony. My first impression when I stepped inside was that it was magnificent. It was like being in the movie.

We sat down at a reserved table in the middle of the restaurant, and we ordered dinner. Andreas ordered a traditional Greek meal for us. I knew tzatziki of course, but beside that we had shrimp with different sauces, cheese, olives, some kind of salad and some a small fish. It looked very appetizing and it tasted even better. Andreas ordered champagne for us to drink.🥂 Until that moment, I didn’t really know real champagne. The “champagne” I drank at home on New Year´s Eve was definitely not a real champagne. It was only a cheap sparkling wine, but the one I drank with Andreas, that was champagne! Extremely tasty! It was drinkable and delicious. Yummy!😋

A half hour later a young tall dark-haired lady came to our table. It was his daughter. When he introduced her to me, I almost choked. I wasn´t prepared to be introduced to anyone. I felt embarrassed and I freaked out because I didn’t know how to react, how to behave, or how to act at all. I thought, “Am I his paid escort? Am I his mistress? Or am I just his friend´s daughter? Who am I?” I mean, who was I in front of his daughter? Andreas introduced me as his friend, and fortunately, the meeting lasted only a few seconds. She just came to say hello and went back to her friends. I relieved. I didn’t want her to join us. If she did, I wouldn’t know what to say. Ha! By the way, his daughter was two years older than me. Funny, right?😅

Afterwards, we went to his apartment, and “it” was supposed to happen. The reason why I was there. What I was supposed to be paid for. I could feel the champagne in my head so I wasn’t 100% there. It helped me to forget that I was only a whore.😟

After we had sex, he told me that he would go to sleep in the guest room so I had some privacy. He also said that he would spend the whole night with me when I´m ready. I didn’t understand what he meant. After all, I was supposed to leave the very next day. I was not going to spend anymore nights there. Hmm, he probably thought I was going to continue being a prostitute but he was wrong. When we had dinner, we talked a lot and he had a chance to get to know me a bit better so he should have realized that I was not continuing with this profession. After all, I told him how I got into my current situation. I told him that I wasn’t completely aware what it was all about and that all I need to do now was to pay that fucking fee to the agency so I wouldn’t have any trouble with them. Then it would be all over. Finito! I thought, “Why is he talking about sleeping with me in the same room now? WTF?”🤷‍♀️

The next morning, breakfast was waiting for me on the table, but he wasn’t home. He left me a note that he went to his restaurant and if I would like, I could come over but if I didn’t, he sent me a breakfast so I wasn’t hungry. I was awake but I felt like I was still dreaming.😴

I ate my breakfast, packed my suitcase, got dressed and went to see him. I found him having a coffee and reading a newspaper. He looked sexy. I sat down next to him. He put his newspaper away, grabbed my head, pulled me closer to him and kissed me softly good morning. Then he ordered me a coffee and started.

“We made a deal that I would pay you a 1000€ for that weekend.”
“Yes”, I thought he was going to negotiate with me.
“I will give you 1600€. Thousand is for you and 600€ is for the fee. But you must promise me that you will really quit.”
“Do you want to give me 1600€? Why? It´s not your problem that I need to pay the fee.   It´s my business.”
“I know but I want to do it for you. Because you are young, you study, you made a mistake and you want to make it right. Let me help you.”
“Why would you do that?”
“Because I like you. Actually, I like you a lot. I´ve never been with a girl like you before. You are so innocent.”
“I am not. You know, I am not”, I felt ashamed.
“You are! It´s not a big deal that you were with some guys. But you were never selling yourself. You told me that. You told me that I was your first.”
“Yes, that’s right. I haven’t met with anybody like that. Only with you. And I want it to stay that way. I don’t want to meet anybody else. I quit.”
“That’s good. That’s why I like you. I would like to continue seeing you.”
“You mean that you want me to stay being your personal escort girl?”
“I mean like my mistress, partner, we can call it whatever you like.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Look, I like you a lot and I don’t want it to end after only one meeting. I enjoyed last night very much, and I would love to repeat it. What about you?”
“I enjoyed it too. It was great, but…”
“But you are much older than me.”
“I know. Are you not attracted to me because of my age?”
“No, not at all. I just don’t know what you expect from me.”
“I expect that we get to know each other, and we will have plenty amazing moments together. I also expect that I won´t pay for your company anymore. I don’t want you to be my paid companion. I want you to be with me willingly, and because you want it and not because of the money. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I won´t spoil you. You already had an opportunity to see how generous I can be.”

I didn’t know what to say. He absolutely surprised me. On the one hand, I liked him and what he offered me, I liked even more. But on the other hand, there was still that huge age difference. I thought, “Nobody would understand our relationship, and everybody will always see me only as his whore. But we are not planning to stay together forever so why couldn’t I enjoy a luxurious life for a few weeks or months? Hmm, I won´t hurt anybody doing it, and it´s better to sleep with him than some stranger who I met in a night club. That kind of sex is usually pretty bad, and it´s free. There isn’t any benefit in doing that. Do I need this? 🤔No! What Andreas offered me seemed much more attractive than searching for a fuck in night clubs in Kosice.”

“I´ll think about it. We will stay in touch. Now that I have an iPhone, we can chat and call whenever we are free. We will see how it goes. But I´m not promising anything”, I told him.
“I agree. Think over it well. Anyway, if you decide to be with me, I will be very happy.”
Then he drove me to the airport, and I left.

“Are you all right? Where are you?” Peter texted me.
“I´m in Munich. I´m changing my flight to Budapest now. I´m ok. It was awesome! You will not believe what I´ll tell you.”
“So will you continue with that job?”
“Not at all! Are you free tomorrow?”
“Yep, I´m staying home after work.”
“Ok, I´ll come over.”
“Yep, no problem. We will have some weed.”
“Great! I´d love to get high again. So see ya, man.”

My journey from Thessaloniki seemed endless. There were not direct flights to Budapest so I had to go through Munich, where I waited an hour and half for my flight to Budapest.

I arrived in Budapest a few minutes before midnight. The shuttle from Budapest to Kosice was leaving at 12:30am. I had a half an hour to kill so I went outside to have a cigarette. It was so cold outside. Hmm, no surprise since it was the middle of November, a week before my birthday. I was supposed to turn 23. I nostalgically remembered the last 4 years of my life. Oh my God! I experienced much more than was healthy. And eventually, how did I end up? As VIP luxury hostess a.k.a. a whore.🤦‍♀️ It wasn´t so bad though. I wasn’t standing on the street corner waiting for clients. I wasn’t working in a whorehouse. I just took a trip to Greece and I met a kind and good looking fifty year old man. I had sex with him for 1000€ and it was actually a good sex. I received gifts, enjoyed luxurious surroundings and got an offer to be in a relationship. Hmm, not so bad. As a 23 year old I made it pretty far. 👏Can you believe it? A 1000€ per night?!? I made that kind of money in a year part time working as a bartender. And now, I earned it in one single weekend! Unbelievable! But let´s be honest here; my dignity went to the shit.😒

To be continued… 




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