Chapter 3: Just Another Asshole

I met him at night club. Another asshole, who turned my life upside down for while, took from me what he wanted and moved on. I felt sorry a bit, but it didn’t hurt. He was nothing more, just another asshole in my life and I was kind of used to them. He humiliated me, but he couldn’t hurt me. And the best part came in the end. The revenge.😈

You might say, “Of course he was an asshole! You can´t meet normal guy at night club! Everyone goes there just to hook up and that’s it!” Yes, I know. But our first meeting was quite different. It wasn’t at the bar, when he bought me a drink. It wasn’t on the dance floor, where he could see me dancing. He didn’t notice me at any occasion where I had a chance to look attractive. He noticed me at very embarrassing moment. I looked ridiculous and he still noticed me!😊 It was when I couldn’t open the door.🙈 Yes, that’s right! So embarrassing, I know. I was drunk and I wanted to go out, I was pulling and pulling that handle and still nothing! Suddenly, he came and pushed the door. “Hmm, of course! Push! Not pull! You dummy!”, I told myself. Anyway, for sec I felt embarrassed but I really didn’t care. I didn’t notice him at all, just said, “Thank you”, and went outside to catch up with Nela. She suddenly disappeared so I went to ask her what happened. She felt sick so Larry came to pick her up. So I said goodbye to both of them and wanted to go back inside the club. When I turned around I saw that Asshole headed straight towards me. He invited me for a drink.

When we got back inside, I didn’t feel like having drink anymore. My throat was quite sore, I was tired and I was definitely drunk enough already.🙈 I didn’t want to offend him, so I ordered a hot tea.😅 I know, pretty weird to have a hot tea in night club, but I didn’t care what he thought about me. He definitely had to think that I was a totally weirdo, “first she couldn’t open the door and then she was drinking hot tea, is she nuts or what?“

I really didn’t care at all. I didn’t feel like trying to impress him. At that age, I dated, or I should say – only slept with older guys and that one looked like he was my age. I didn’t feel like babysitting, I wanted an older man, who knows what he wants, who has his own opinions and he stands by them.☝️ Who is single, financially independent, serious, but also with sense of humor. This one was only 3 years older than me. I thought he was just another stupid young idiot, but he surprised me.😮

He met all my criteria but age. In the end, age is only a number, right? I found we attended the same college. In addition, he was managing his family restaurant in the center of the city. So, going to school and working at his own business. Nice. Who does it remind you? 😅Yes! Exactly HIM! My ex-boss. What kind of karma do I have?🤔 After one asshole, another one comes along and he has many similarities with first one!

Anyway, I wanted to give him a chance. He was pretty funny. We laughed a lot. But it was now time to go home. We went out, he called a cab and while waiting for it, we exchanged our phone numbers and Facebook. His name was Edward, but on the Facebook he was like TeddyB. I thought, “Seriously? TeddyB? Like teddy bear? What is he? Like 5 years old?” 😂He told me that he always introduces himself as TeddyB, so I should save his info in my phone under the same name.

“Hmm, grown man and he calls himself as TeddyB?” I asked myself. It was ridiculous, so childish. All right, but we will see. But actually it was not a surprise, he was the youngest one in his family. He had 2 older brothers, so of course he was treating like a baby. With your permission I will call him Edward, so that I don’t call him Asshole anymore, ok?😂

The very next day, I had pretty bad hangover. I couldn’t move out of bed for the whole day. I tried to remember what happened the previous night. “Oh, I see, I met Edward. TeddyB😂 Hmm, interesting guy.” I didn’t expect him to get back to me, but he did! He asked me out on a date! It was few days before Christmas and I didn’t have time at all. The last week of school, final exams, then Christmas cleaning, baking, shopping…Then Christmas, and New Years Eve. Then the New Year and a new semester.

The whole that time we were chatting on Facebook very intensely. Sometimes, even hours, deep into the night. We talked about everything. We had fun. We laughed and flirted. It was very nice and I was pleased. It lasted probably 4-5 weeks but we still didn’t see each other until we finally set up a date. I was afraid and nervous. Since we got along pretty well on Facebook, I wanted to impress him personally as well. I didn’t feel unconcerned anymore, like the first evening when I didn’t give a shit what he thought about me. Now I cared.

He picked me up and we went downtown to have a drink. We were talking like old friends online but what about now? In person? It was a bit awkward, but it was getting better. We didn’t spend a long time together, but he behaved like a real gentleman the whole time. Exactly like a “dream date” described in a magazine.🔝 He really impressed me. He opened the door for me (He knew I have problems with doors though😅😅😅 ). He moved my chair for me, in the end he called a cab and he even paid for it. I said that I could go by bus, and it is no problem for me since I traveled by bus every day. Nevertheless, he insisted. He couldn’t drive me home because he had a drink so the least he could do was pay for my cab. Wasn’t that sweet?🤗

Before I got into the cab, he kissed me goodbye.💋 It wasn’t our first kiss. I barely could remember our first kiss. It was that night after the night club when we were waiting for a cab. But tonight´s kiss was different. It wasn’t drunk kissing. It was a sweet gentle kiss. It was a kiss that ended a great date.

I was starting to like him. Next time we met, we went somewhere for a drink and then he invited me to his office, which was in his restaurant. He wanted to show off for me. In the first room, there was an office table, a sofa, some paper boxes and a cupboard with alcohol, from which he took out a bottle of champagne and opened it for us.🍾 There was another room behind the curtain. There was a bed and TV set. He told me, he rested there when he didn´t have much work. He was used to have a nap during a day. A baby. 😅But of course it was a room where he brought women and fucked them. Why would we pretend otherwise, right? 🤔That evening we drank the champagne and he led me to his bedroom. He said that he wanted to lie down with me a bit. I refused to lie down next to him. I told him, that I´m not like that, and I was not going to sleep with him. ☝️
He said, “I know. Just lay down next to me. We will relax. Don’t worry, I´m not going to touch you.” So I did. We kissed, hugged and cuddled. But we didn’t have sex!

After our third date, we had sex in his “bachelor pad”, if I may call it that. The rule of three, you know. 3️⃣I proved that I was not easy, but it was already time. After third date, definitely! He was not going to wait forever, right? Anyway, I didn’t mind sleeping with him, I didn’t feel bad about it. We got along with each other pretty well. We talked a lot and we laughed a lot so I thought it might go somewhere further. So we did it. It wasn’t like fireworks on Independence Day, but it was okay. 🙂I liked him, he turned me on, but there was no orgasm. 🙈When he walked me out, he said that he was getting over a hard break up, so he didn’t want to start something new yet. He hoped I would understand. 😳

“WTF?!” I knew he recently broke up with somebody, but I didn’t get the impression that it affected him too much!🤔😤 However, I totally understood that he was only up for sex. He had no interest in me or even having a relationship with me. It was only about sex! Again!! “Perhaps he won´t call me again. Hmm, pity. But it´s not going to kill me,” I thought. 🤘

But he did call me. During the next few months, we met more or less regularly. At least once a week. We became lovers, but we weren’t meeting only because of sex though. We were actually dating. We were going to pubs for a drink, to the movies, the spa, to night clubs, to his restaurant for lunch or dinner. I also met his friends. We were getting closer and closer. At the beginning, I didn’t mind he was only up for sex. I didn´t care that he didn’t want a relationship because he was always a gentleman to me and he never treated me like a slut, who he just fucked and sent home. Not like that! As I said, we spent a lot of time outside of his “bachelor pad”. Nevertheless, I started to have feelings for him, even if we agreed in the beginning  that it was going to be only about sex. After some time every single woman always starts hoping that something more will happen. And don’t say it´s not true, because you know it is!☝️☝️☝️😉😏

“Only two weeks to go! I´m so excited!” Nela said.
“It´s already the second time you are going to Malta, so why are you making such a big deal about it?” Lea asked.
“What´s wrong with you? I´m so excited because I´m going with Klara this time! It was fine with Larry last year. It was a miracle that we could stand each other and we didn’t kill each other, but we didn’t enjoy it fully. After all, I know everything there already and besides learning English, we will be partying of course!”
“Yeah, but I still feel like the fifth wheel.” I said.
“More like the third one, my dear. Definitely third. Well, you can have a threesome together.”😂 Lea laughed.
“Ha ha, very funny! I´m sure Klara will find someone to spend hot evenings with.”
“Stop it! I´m not interested in anyone. I want to be with Edward. I´m afraid he is going to find somebody else by then.”
“A summer fling won´t kill you.”
“I don’t understand why you like him so much. You said he is sleeping with someone else as well.”
“I know. Well, he keeps saying that he is not, but I think he has some affairs.”
“Definitely! From what I know, he is with different girl every week.”

Lea worked in his restaurant like 2 or 3 years ago, so she got to know him before I did. She didn’t have good memories about that job. She told me that they were paying less to all part-time workers then they were supposed to and that his mom was always yelling at them. She used to tell me she wouldn’t want her as a potential mother-in-law. That she is such a witch. I felt bad that she never said any nice word about Edward. She always cursed him and spoke ill about him. He didn’t like her either. When we all met together somewhere, they just ignored one another and they even had big fight once. It was really uncomfortable situation for me and I didn’t want to be part of it.

“But I still think he is dating only me. At least I hope he is not spending time with other women. I believe that he is getting along so well only with me and it is only about sex with others.”
“Honey, it is only about sex with you too.”
“Not really. We are dating though. We have other things in common besides sex.”
“For example?”
“For example we like going to the movies together.”
“And then you have sex.”
“So what? Stop it now! He likes me. At least a bit.”
“If he did like you he wouldn’t use you only for sex but he would care for you. Since you have been “together” he hasn’t even bought you anything! And there were already two occasions! Valentine´s day and Women´s day! No flowers, no chocolates, no jewelry, nothing! You should use him a bit. He has plenty of money! You jump when he whistles and you have absolutely nothing in return! Not even an orgasm! So why are you doing all this?” Lea yelled.
“I´m not going to use him! You know very well that I´m not that kind of woman. It would be absolutely embarrassing to ask him for something. And why would I? I can earn money for everything I need. And the fact that I don’t have an orgasm with him, it doesn’t mean that the sex is bad. Btw it is very exciting!”
“Sorry Klara, but Lea is right. I don’t get it either. Why are you sleeping with him if on one hand you two don’t have a real relationship and on the other hand, he is not satisfying you.”
“And what does he even look like?! What makes you horny about him? He is fat though!”
“He is not! He is only chubby. Such a teddy bear.🤗 Anyway, I´m not the skinniest either, that’s why we fit together so well.”
“Yeah, and about that. Perhaps that’s why he calls himself as TeddyB! Because he is “only chubby”. That is so ridiculous.”
“You can do better, Klara.”
“Ok, leave it alone!”

I was thinking, if we were really together, would I be able to tolerate his infidelity? I kinda knew he was not going to change. Could I live with it? Could I bear the fact that he would be hanging out with other women, but coming back to me? Could I bear, that he would be laying in someone else´s bed, but sleeping in mine? Could I be happy like that? Would it be enough? I don’t know.

Two weeks before our trip to Malta, Nela and I organized a party at my place. I had a empty house so we used it and had a final party before summer or let´s say “a good bye” party”. We bought alcohol, invited friends and had fun. Edward was supposed to come as well. It´s better to say: I wanted him to come, but he didn’t show up. I didn’t mind because we had so much fun that I didn´t miss him at all. Once, we got drunk, we went to the club. Edward met me there and since then we haven’t been apart. He came to my place that night and stayed until morning. I was so happy. No man had slept in my place before. Never ever!

This wasn’t only about sex anymore; it was becoming much more familiar. We had sex and then we slept side by side like real couple. In the morning, I woke up earlier than him. I was just laying there for while and suddenly a FART! 😂He just farted! In his sleep. I wasn’t horrified or disgusted, I was pretty glad. 😂Yes, that’s right, I was glad! Because it was so personal, not fake, so real.

It is said that those couples who fart in front of each other, they love the most or “when you fart together, you stay together”. I think there is some truth to that because we all control ourself in the beginning. We don’t want any faux pas, right? But when you make it to the state where you are yourself without any shame, that’s called LOVE.❤️ And why? Because we know we don’t have to feel embarrassed, we know our partner is not going to be disgusted or something and the best would be even join in. This is the TOP of the relationship. So now I assume you completely understand my happiness about his fart. Anyway, I got up all smiling and giggling and went to prepare breakfast for him. I really enjoyed it.☕️🍳 It would be nice to wake up next to this man and take care of him. Hmm, I was dreaming…

Our trip to Malta was close. Since Edward slept over my place, he was completely avoiding me. Even the day before I left, he didn’t find time to see me and say good bye. I was disappointed. I was afraid that in the month while I was going to be away, he would find somebody else. It frightened me that he could even fall in love. I didn’t want to lose him, especially now that we got closer. I even prepared him breakfast!!

Six weeks passed very quickly. I came back full of new memories, but I couldn’t wait to see Edward. He met me the very next day. We had a drink and I told him everything, all my experiences in Malta. Well, not exactly all of them. I kept some of them as my little secrets. 🙊Anyway, he doesn’t need to know everything, right? I thought that afterwards he would take me to his office and we were going to have sex after all that time we haven’t seen each other, but he didn’t. He drove me home. I didn’t understand. He told me he had some work to do. It didn’t seem like him so I thought it was other woman behind it, for sure. But I didn’t freak out. I wasn’t jealous. I felt just a bit disappointed, because I was excited to see him.

The next couple days he wasn’t interested in me at all and I didn’t pressure him to hang out. One time, we went to a night club with Lea, where we met Edward and his friend, Robert. They were in bar next to the one we attended and we accidentally met outside while having a cigarette. They invited us for a couple of drinks and then we had a private party in Edward´s office, where we all kept drinking. We all were pretty drunk and I was hoping that I was finally going to have sex with him. Yet I didn’t know how it would happen, since other people were there with us. I didn’t want to kick them out since it wasn’t my place anyway. Perhaps the other couple wanted to fuck as well. 🤔

Well, how? They will be on the sofa and we will go on the bed behind the curtain? That curtain is transparent! You can see everything through it and hear everything too! Well, we will see. I will let it happen organically. Hmm, it might be too much freedom though.🤔

When I came back from the restroom, Robert was sitting on the sofa. I sat down next to him. I thought Lea and Edward went outside to have a cigarette. Robert came onto me, he started kissing me and touching me. He was disgusting! I told him to get off me. When he didn’t stop I stood up and sneak out. 😡

Suddenly I got it!💡 I pulled open the curtain and saw how Lea was riding him! She was fucking him just like that! Right in front of my eyes! I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t disappointed from him, he was an asshole and I expected that he might do something like that. But her?! My best friend?! My friend who I went through so many things with in Italy? All those hard times in Italy. We shared our own secrets and we didn’t even tell Nela! She is now betraying me?!HER?!😱

I knew it was over. Over between me and Edward, but I honestly expected it to happen sooner or later. However, I was a bit surprised that it didn’t hurt at all. In the end, I didn’t have as strong feelings for him as I thought. But it was over between Lea and me too. I felt so disappointed about it. I was sorry I lost her. She was my closest friend in the world, but I couldn’t trust her anymore. Never again!

I just left. I went home but I didn’t cry at all. I lost a man I was beginning to dream about, but I didn’t cry. I didn’t mind. I didn’t need him. I had good times with him, but I was not going to cry over those memories and I was not going to cry for him. I didn’t feel sadness; I felt anger. He humiliated me! He fucked my best friend right in front of me! He didn’t care at all how I felt. And he even offered me to his friend like a piece of meat! Was he really thinking that I was going to sleep with Robert? Did he have such a low opinion of me? Phooey!!😤 I felt sick thinking about him and about her too. It was very interesting that Lea and Edward hated each other so much, but in the end they ended up in the bed together. The closest people in my life who at first hated each other, were connected by a common goal: hurting me and humiliating me. Thank you very much!

The very next day, Lea called me but I didn’t answer. She texted me, apologized to me, but I didn’t care. She hurt me. More than a man ever could! I didn’t want to see her again. I was done with her. And what about him? He didn’t have enough courage to even text me. But why though? Everything was very clear, but I wasn’t finished with him yet. I was so pissed off that he humiliated me, and he made a fool of me, that I wanted him to pay for it. I wasn’t dreaming about huge revenge, but I knew that one day I would get a chance to get it. 😈

Meanwhile I was hanging out with one of his friends, Peter. He was very nice and we got along very well. We actually weren’t dating. I was just coming over his place, where we drank, smoked weed and talked a lot. Sometimes I even slept over there, but we never had sex. I must point that we slept on the same bed and still we didn’t have sex. ☝️That’s why it was special. And he wasn’t gay! Honestly, he would have loved to go further, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to ruin our nice friendship and he respected it. He respected ME! It never happened before! It was something brand new.😊

I told Peter how my relationship ended between me and Edward. And he said that he knew something about it. Edward told him about that night. Edward didn’t tell him who the two girls he and Robert took to the office were. All Edward said was how hard he and Robert fucked one of them. Both of them! At the same time!🙈🙉🙊 How they fucked her everywhere where they even could, how they came all over her and what a slut she was.

It wasn’t easy to listen to something like that. I don’t mean that I felt jealousy because of Edward or something like that, not at all. It was hard to listen it because of Lea. I know she was very drunk, but she didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. 😞They treated her as the last bitch they fucked, and they even referred to her like that. I felt so sorry for her, but it didn´t mean anything changed between us. She betrayed me and I couldn’t forgive her.

Half a year later I met Edward at a school dance. He invited me for a drink but I refused. I couldn’t drink anything that night because I was supposed to drive early in the morning. I left before midnight, just like Cinderella😄.  As soon as I got into the cab, he texted me: “It´s a shame you couldn’t even have one drink with me. You looked beautiful in that dress tonight. It was nice seeing you, I hope I will see you again…” I smiled. I knew that was my moment for revenge. 😈Since his brain is in his pants, and I´m pretty and attractive, I knew, if he just had one look at me, I would be back in the game. I knew once he saw me, he would want to fuck me again.  I needed to use this against him and you bet I would!😈

He asked me out on a date, so we went to a bar, had couple of drinks and talked about life. I didn’t expect him to apologize for Lea and he didn’t. Asshole! I found out he had a serious relationship. He met his new girlfriend a bit before I went to Malta. That time I suspected that something was wrong, remember? I knew it was another woman! Before my trip to Malta he was avoiding me, and even after come back he wasn’t chasing after me like he once did. He just fucked my friend and that was it. I hated him for that. He stole my friend from me! He could have fucked anybody he wanted to. I didn’t care. And he had to do it with her! She was mine and he took her from me!!! “He will pay for it!”, I told myself.

That night, while we had drinks, he had the balls to tell me that even though he has a girlfriend, he would also like to have me as his lover. He was absolutely shameless! I swear he told me it just like that, so nonchalantly. I don’t know why he only saw me as a sex toy, and he never wanted to have real relationship with me. We even got along outside the bedroom . What does she have that I don’t? She couldn’t be better in the bed because he wanted to cheat on her with me. Maybe she comes from a better family than me, perhaps he sees a brighter future with her. After all, I was only a poor student.

“Are you dating someone?” He asked me when I came back to the bar. I was outside on my phone and it took me quite long. I thought, “Well, what to respond? I´m recently seeing someone but I wouldn´t call it dating, because it really didn’t start like casual date…”
“No”, I answered. He doesn’t need to know about my private life now.
“Who is bothering you so much with all these text messages and phone calls, then?”

We went to his office after leaving the bar, as I predicted. We kissed. I pushed him onto the bed and blew him a bit. 🙈I wanted to get him excited and then kick him out of my life. It was my little revenge. I know it wasn’t anything big, but it was just enough for somebody who is practically addicted to sex. So I stopped. He thought we were going to have a sex, but we weren’t.😄 I got up and I mentioned to leave. He was in shock. He didn’t understand what was happening. It was so funny! He couldn’t believe I was going to leave him there like that. While I was putting my boots on and getting my coat I told him how glad I was that he introduced me to Peter, such a nice guy. I wanted him to think I was having an affair with Peter. I wanted him to be jealous so that he knew how it feels like when your friend is fucking your lover.

“What´s going on between you guys?!”, he said as he was getting angry.
I didn’t respond. I zipped my coat and I made for the door.
“Come on, come back baby”, he begged like a small child when you take a lollypop from them.
“What will I get from it? Why would I have sex with you? You never made me come. I didn’t have a single orgasm with you!”
OMG!! I said it! I really said it! And I didn’t even mean to. I just said it.
“What do you mean you didn’t?”
“I was just faking it because I liked you”, I answered.

I will never forget his face. That was it! That was the kind of humiliation I wanted to repay him with! I can´t imagine a better revenge than destroying his ego. He thought he was a sex-machine, who fucked women one by one and actually satisfied them. Suddenly, his world was destroyed! In one moment, one of his lovers spilled to his face that she never even had an orgasm with him. That he wasn’t able to make her come even one fucking time. I was so proud on myself. I planted doubts in his brain. Will he still think that he is a sex-machine? Will he ever believe a women´s look and her moans during sex? Will he ever believe they are actually having an orgasm? Will he ever believe that he is actually turning them on? I think he´ll have his doubts. And I was soooo happy. He paid my debt! 😏

A word to the wise:

“We give strength and faith to our beloved.
Strength to destroy us and faith, that they will not do it.”

This isn’t only between a man and a woman, but also between friends. I trusted Lea and she betrayed my trust and ruined our friendship.

BTW be careful about farts! If man farts on you, it doesn’t mean he loves you! It´s closer to him shitting you, or just dumping you. IT´S NOT LOVE!!! OMG!!! Such bullshit that theory about farting together… 😠










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  1. I liked it though it was painfully long. But, it kept me glued to it because it was interesting.


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